Memsource Cloud 5.5: Data Visualization Workbench and API Webhooks

Memsource Cloud 5.5 has been released on Sunday, 10 April 2016, at 11:00 AM GMT with zero downtime. This release brings a number of improvements of which these two stand out: A) Custom data visualization and exploration using Kibana, a free data visualization workbench. B) Advanced API improvements, such as webhooks as well as opening up our API to linguist users (our API was previously limited to administrator and project manager users).


Our First-Ever Zero-Downtime Deployment of a Major Release

Upgrading software to a new version can bring lots of improvements, but at the same time can cause disruption to its users. In the pre-cloud era, a system administrator would need to install the upgrade. The software would need to be at least restarted. Sometimes data would need to be migrated, hardware re-configured. All sorts of issues could come up. For that reason, software publishers would try to minimize the number of new releases to just a few per year. This is still true for most non-cloud software.


Tech-Savvy InterTranslations Chooses Memsource

Since 1995 Intertranslations has been serving major international clients, mainly in five verticals: pharmaceutical, gaming, software localization, manufacturing and consumer electronics.

With headquarters in Greece and offices in the United Kingdom, Intertranslations offers translation services in all European and Asian languages. In addition to the in-house staff of people, the company works with a global network of industry professionals using the InLance® production platform.

In the last few years, Intertranslations has developed a technological edge to stay ahead of the competition.


Nihon iPrism Sees a 50% Productivity Increase

Nihon iPrism is a translation company based in Hyderabad, India, that offers Japanese-to-English translation services across various industries, with a focus on the industrial, legal, medical and pharmaceutical fields.
When choosing Memsource, Nihon iPrism set to achieve two major goals:

Increase productivity by better leveraging translated content
Improve collaboration among in-house staff and vendors.

Nihon iPrism found an all-encompassing solution in Memsource Cloud.