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Machine Translation Report

What is the optimal MT Engine for you? Find out in the latest MT Report by Memsource.

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Manage Machine Translation via Memsource

Memsource users can now purchase machine translation characters and track machine translation usage directly in Memsource. These are both part of the Manage Machine Translation via Memsource feature. ...

Improved Term Base View

Additional control options have been added to make it easier for users to navigate and organize multilingual term bases. Users could already drag and drop columns to desired places and view certain l...

Access Previous Versions of REST API

Users can now access historical versions of our REST API. This is already possible with our legacy API documentation, but for a time this wasn’t possible with our REST documentation. Now, to access d...

New REST API Parameters About Users

It is now possible to use additional parameters in the REST APIs to gather and edit information about users. The following parameters have been added to the PUT, POST and GET methods: Reject jobs...