Easily connect with Memsource.

Automate your localization end-to-end with out-of-the-box connectors to content management systems, marketing automation platforms, source code repositories, and other 3rd-party systems, or take advantage of our REST API.

  • Adobe Commerce (previously Magento)

    Adobe Commerce (previously Magento)

    Drive your business forward by providing your product descriptions, catalogue content, checkout pages, and blocks in your customers’ language. Memsource supports Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

    Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

    Submit your pages, fragments, dictionaries, and tags via the Adobe Experience Manager Translation Framework.

  • Amazon S3

    Amazon S3

    Keep files organized, accessible, and up to date. Automatically send files for translation when content is updated and upload them back to your chosen S3 bucket when translations are complete.

  • Bitbucket


    Keep projects organized by creating jobs that are automatically sent for translation when your branches and repositories are updated in Bitbucket. Learn more about Bitbucket Cloud and Bitbucket Server

  • Box


    Work faster without sacrificing quality by sending text documents, presentations, and images for translation to reach a wider audience.

  • CaptionHub


    Built by third-party

    This integration enables CaptionHub users to export their captions to Memsource for translation and import them back into their projects once they are completed.

  • Contentful


    Translate all text and rich text fields in your nested (so called composable fields) entry-level and field-level content models.

  • Contentstack


    Seamlessly manage your localization workflow. Send content to Memsource for translation and automatically receive the translations back in Contentstack.

  • Dropbox


    Sync your Dropbox folders, files, and projects with Memsource in order to translate all of your content with increased speed and accuracy.

  • Drupal


    Leverage the TMGMT module to submit any textual elements from Drupal 7, 8, and 9, and contributed modules to enhance your users’ experience.

  • Figma


    This plugin allows users of Figma to send work to Memsource directly from the Figma environment and easily retrieve the completed translations.

  • FTP


    Use our FTP connector to pull all of your translatable content from your server’s folders into Memsource for a simple, automated process.

  • Gengo


    Built by third-party

    Gengo is the first human translation engine provider integrated with Memsource. This type of pre-translation is best suited for projects that require fast turnaround time.

  • Git


    Quickly and efficiently send content from branches and repositories for translation through jobs that update automatically as your content does.

  • GitHub


    Achieve high reliability and performance by automatically sending branches and repositories to Memsource for translation.

  • GitLab


    Streamline your processes and avoid bottlenecks by automatically sending any of your content to Memsource with automatic project creation.

  • Google Drive

    Google Drive

    Make your content go further by sending documents, spreadsheets, and presentations out for translation to collaborate with a wider audience.

  • Gridly


    Built by third-party

    Store all your game content in one spreadsheet, automatically send strings for localization in Memsource, and easily retrieve them. Push updates to your game via API with one click.

  • Hakromedia


    Built by third-party

    This integration enables users to connect to Memsource projects while translating subtitles.

  • Help Scout

    Help Scout

    Pull articles from collections (folders) in your knowledge base directly into Memsource, to help make every customer interaction more meaningful.

  • HubSpot


    Achieve peak efficiency and better connect with your customers by translating your blog posts, websites, landing pages, forms, and files.

  • Joomla!


    Create a seamless localization workflow for your Joomla articles and categories to allow your content and brand voice to resonate with your website visitors, no matter where they are in the world.

  • Kentico


    Seamlessly send content from your stores, websites, and community sites for translation.

  • LBS Suite

    LBS Suite

    Built by third-party

    By combining Memsource’s functionality with LBS Suite, LSPs and businesses are able to handle their translation or localization workflows directly from LBS Suite: from creating a project, managing TMs and TBs, assigning a project, up to the delivery.

  • Marketo


    Send your landing pages, emails, forms, and files for translation to ensure your content resonates with your target audience.

  • Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft OneDrive

    Share and collaborate with your users by sending your content to Memsource for easy and convenient translation.

  • Microsoft SharePoint

    Microsoft SharePoint

    Empower your team through the distribution of applications and content in order to achieve seamless collaboration and easy-to-manage sharing.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

    Meet all of your business challenges by sending your content out to Memsource for translation.

  • Paligo


    Built by third-party

    This integration enables technical writers to directly submit articles created in Paligo into Memsource projects and deliver the translations back into Paligo.

  • Plunet


    Built by third-party

    Plunet users can integrate Memsource functionalities into the standard workflow of Plunet Business Manager.

  • Salesforce Knowledge

    Salesforce Knowledge

    Provide help to your users in their language - translate your Salesforce knowledge base articles in Memsource.

  • SFTP


    Use our SFTP connector to securely pull your translatable content from your server’s folders into Memsource for a simple, automated process.

  • Sitecore


    Quickly and easily send your content including text, HTML, images, and treelists for translation to create a personalized customer experience for your users.

  • Sketch


    Reduce time to market by translating at the design stage. This plugin enables users of Sketch for Mac to submit pages to Memsource from the Sketch environment and retrieve the completed translations.

  • TransPDF


    Built by third-party

    Enables the import of PDF files for translating purposes within Memsource.

  • TYPO3


    Distribute your content, including websites, intranets, and online applications to your community through localized pages without leaving TYPO3.

  • WordPress


    Reach a wider audience by seamlessly translating your posts, pages, categories, tags, and custom post types with Memsource.

  • XTRF


    Built by third-party

    This integration helps translation companies and corporate language departments run their translation and localization projects in a single seamless workflow between Memsource and XTRF.

  • Zendesk


    Improve support ticket deflection and retain your international customers by translating your categories, dynamic content, published articles, and sections via Memsource.

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