Memsource integrations

Thanks to our advanced open API, you can connect your Memsource account to a wide range of online repositories, CMS and more than 15 third party technologies. As a result of these integrations, your translation process will be faster and more efficient.


You can automate the import and export of your files between your online repository and your Memsource account.

Memsource has developed connectors with the following online repositories:

  • FTP
  • STFP
  • Box
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive

More information on all Memsource connectors can be found here.


Git Connector
The Memsource Git connector provides advanced features which allow for a more effective continuous localization of code. Read more about the Git Connector here and find useful information about Automated Project Creation here.

Zendesk Connector
The Zendesk connector allows companies providing customer support to tap directly into their knowledge base and localize articles in real time or gradually through manual import. Exported translated content can then be directly published and available to speakers of the secondary languages. Learn more about Memsource Connectors.


WordPress Plugin
Install the Memsource plugin in your WordPress account and easily translate your pages and posts. Memsource can automatically pull new pages for translation and push them back into WordPress ready for review and publishing. Learn more about the WordPress plugin and hear from Ciklopea, a translation agency that has increased turnaround times by 30%.

Drupal Connector
Users with Drupal 8 and later can connect their CMS platform with Memsource cloud to automatically send pages and posts for translation and, once completed, Memsource will export the target languages back into the CMS. Learn more about the Drupal Connector.

Memsource Translation Plugin for Adobe Experience Manager
Coming soon! AEM users will be able to push web and mobile content to Memsource for translation and receive target languages back into the platform.


Plunet – Memsource Integration
Plunet users can integrate Memsource cloud functionalities into the standard workflow of Plunet Business Manager. More information about the Plunet – Memsource integration is available here.

XTRF – Memsource Integration
The API-based integration between Memsource and XTRF helps translation companies and corporate language departments run their translation and localization projects in a single seamless workflow between the two systems. More information about the XTRF – Memsource integration is available here.

Gengo – Memsource Integration
Gengo is the first human translation engine provider integrated with Memsource. This type of pre-translation is suited best for projects that require fast turnaround time. More information about the Gengo – Memsource integration is available here.

Machine Translation Engines in Memsource
Memsource offers access to 3rd-party machine translation engines via an API. A connection is available both to general machine translation engines as well as custom-trained machine translation engines. More information about all the Machine Translation engines available in Memsource is available here.

Frontlab – Memsource Integration
The integration between Frontlab and Memsource allows you to use the PDF preview of IDML files in the Memsource Web Editor. More information about the Frontlab – Memsource integration is available here.

TransPDF – Memsource Integration
Memsource allows the import of PDF files for translating purposes through the integration with TransPDF. More information is available here.

Hakromedia – Memsource Integration
The Hakromedia – Memsource integration enables users to connect to Memsource projects while translating subtitles, and benefit from translation memory, term bases and machine translation. More information about the Hakromedia – Memsource integration  is available here.

Paligo – Memsource Integration
The Paligo – Memsource integration is particularly interesting for technical writers. It enables users to directly submit articles created in Paligo into Memsource projects and deliver the translations back into Paligo. More information about the Paligo – Memsource integration is available here.