5 Tricks from APriori – a Memsource Pro

This is a guest post by Yulia Tulinova, the CEO of APriori.

APriori has been with Memsource for 5 years. Josef Kubovsky introduced me to the platform in 2011 at Translation Forum Russia conference. It proved a real find! A cloud-based service had long been expected. Who would deny the value of a platform which allows several linguists to work together on the same document while sharing the same language resources? At the time, the only option was a server-based TM tool, which cost a fortune. So, that first meeting opened a whole new stage for us and we integrated into the company’s workflow a week later. The trial period coincided with a rush job where we had to translate over 1000 pages of facility agreements and other documents for a bank undergoing an audit, and it was to be done in two weeks. My partners and I took a risk and ran this project through Memsource. The result surpassed all of our expectations, enabling us to do a very good job on time. The support team was very efficient, too. Since then, Memsource has been our principal TM tool, and we’ve been following its growth and innovations with great interest.