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Should You Use a Multi-Vendor Localization Strategy?

Using a multi-vendor localization strategy

If you’re creating increasingly more content, and for ever-widening audiences around the world, should you use one centralized language services provider (LSP) for your localization program? Or should you use a multi-vendor localization strategy? This article looks at the latter approach.

How to Create a Translation Tech RFP

How to create translation tech RFP

Launching a localization initiative in your company is a layered process. You need to develop a localization strategy, get buy-in from stakeholders, and find ways to best optimize your internal processes. One essential step is selecting the right translation management system (TMS) to centralize your workflow and maximize translation spend. You need a solution that meets all your requirements from a provider that will work with you as a partner and help you penetrate new markets with ease.

5 Ways Memsource Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure

Memsource Security

Creating the best possible translation platform is not just about designing an intuitive user interface for linguists, or adding more robust automation features for project managers. A key factor for any software developer today is ensuring that the platform and the user’s data remain secure.

Machine Translation: A Comprehensive Guide

Machine translation guide

Machine translation is an essential part of most localization tech stacks. It helps translate at scale and reduces translation spend. More and more resources are being put into the development of machine translation resulting in constantly improving engines and better quality translation output. But how does it work? How do you implement machine translation into your global strategy? Is the quality any good? We’re here to answer all of your machine translation questions.

How to Create a Global Content Strategy

implementing a global content strategy

If you use content to inform, influence, or connect with audiences in multiple countries and languages, a global content strategy is crucial. Why? Because it’s easy to waste a lot of resources creating, managing, and sharing content that has no impact – or worse, has a detrimental effect because it’s poorly targeted, written, translated, or localized.