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2 factor authentication

It is possible to setup 2-factor authentication (also called 2 step authentication)to increase security of your user account. You account can be linked with Google Authenticator, Authy or other compat...

Memsource Editor 5.197

New version of desktop Memsource Editor was released for download and for automatic update. This version contains bug fixes of problems with tags and a new feature - background color of the edited se...

Cloning of Price List

Saved Price Lists can be edited and cloned, if needed. The name of the cloned Price List is generated automatically with (cloned) suffix. Cloned Price List can be further edited and saved.

New language - Palauan

Palauan language (code pau) is now supported in Memsource. The language must be selected in the Setup > Server settings > Active languages prior to using it in the projects. See the list of al...