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Machine Translation Report

What is the optimal MT Engine for you? Find out in the latest MT Report by Memsource.

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How to Create a Global Content Strategy

implementing a global content strategy

If you use content to inform, influence, or connect with audiences in multiple countries and languages, a global content strategy is crucial. Why? Because it’s easy to waste a lot of resources creating, managing, and sharing content that has no impact – or worse, has a detrimental effect because it’s poorly targeted, written, translated, or localized.

Press Release: Memsource Acquires Phrase

Memsource acquires Phrase

Transaction creates the translation industry's leading localization platform allowing Memsource to further expand its product portfolio, geographic footprint, and customer base

Memsource Mobile: a Year in Review

Memsource Mobile

Our Memsource Mobile app was the first mobile application to bring both computer-assisted translation (CAT) and translation management system (TMS) functionality to your Android and iOS devices.

Memsource Mobile UI Now Available in 17 Languages

Memsource Mobile Localization

Memsource Mobile, the only fully-featured mobile localization app available on the market, now supports 16 new user interface languages. With this update, more translators and project managers all over the world will be able to take their projects anywhere they go, on their mobile and tablet devices