tekom 2015 activities

Memsource is an exhibitor at tekom fair, the largest technical communications and localization event in Europe. It takes place next week on November 10-12 in Stuttgart, Germany. If you are attending, join the following activities:

Memsource Manuals in Japanese

Two manuals in Japanese, one for project managers and one for linguists, are now available for download in PDF. These manuals serve as reference materials and getting started guides for new users. The manual for linguists covers accepting jobs, downloading the Memsource editor, translating and running QA checks. The project manager’s manual details project and…


One Billion Words

A milestone: Memsource users have translated over 1 billion words in the third quarter of 2015. The amount of work that global multi-language vendors source to translators and SLVs in Memsource continues to grow. This means that there will be more and more jobs for active users.