3D Drawing and Other Activities at Locworld

During break time at Locworld Berlin you can do something fascinating, which you’ve probably never tried before: 3D drawing.

Our marketing team is bringing a stereoscopic pen which allows you to draw with hot plastic. It is possible to quickly create shapes in the air, or put simple designs on cloth.  Perhaps one day in the future all writing (not typing!) will be done this way. So when you have a free minute, be sure to stop by the Memsource booth and try your hand in 3D drawing, spelling your name out in roller-coaster letters, decorating and personalizing your conference badge and more.


3 Key Takeaways from Swedish Translators’ Association Conference (SFÖ) 2015

On 8-10 May a team from Memsource attended the annual conference of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (Sveriges Facköversättarförening, SFÖ). This well-organized event took place in the beautiful town of Eskilstuna, in celebration of SFÖ’s 25th anniversary. It attracted about 300 translation professionals, including freelancers, staff translators, and company representatives. The atmosphere was warm but dynamic.  Attendees were eager to learn and embrace new technology.


“One of the Most Intuitive, Reliable, and Rewarding Translation Tools”

The following testimonial has been provided by Anna Katikhina, freelance translator and interpreter from Streetsboro, Ohio, United States.

“Being a full-time freelance translator, I worked with many CAT tools in the past, so when I subscribed to Memsource, I made an informed decision. It is by far one of the most intuitive, reliable, and rewarding translation tools I have ever come across, and it is worth every single cent I pay for it. Memsource supports many formats, it is easy to use, and it saves me so much time and money!


Susana Almeida Pecorelli: “Learning Curve is Virtually Non-Existent for Linguists with Experience in CAT-Tools”

The following testimonial has been provided by Susana Almeida Pecorelli, PhD, she is a Medical Translator from ITClinical, a consulting company based in Rua Augusto Macedo, Portugal:

“At ITClinical we are now big fans of Memsource both as our primary in house tool and also when we cooperate with other colleagues in their own projects. Memsource is extremely helpful as a tool for collaborative translations and its learning curve is virtually non-existent for linguists with experience in other well-known CAT tools. We are huge fans and we look forward to enjoying Memsource’s continual development and new features”.


The First Memsource User Meetup

Memsource held its first User Meetup on March 22, 2015, just before the GALA conference in Seville. Representatives from over 25 translation companies that already use, or plan to use, Memsource attended this event. Attendees networked with one another and exchanged contacts for future collaboration on multilingual projects.


Special Offer to Elia Members

We’re happy to announce that Memsource has joined the European Language Industry Association, or Elia.  Together with the association we’ve designed a special offer to Elia members: a 60-day extended trial and online training to test Memsource’s powerful collaboration features for translation companies.


Yuri Melnikov, MARK Business Translations: “We use Memsource for 90% of our projects.”

The following user testimonial was provided by Yuri Melnikov, the CEO of MARK Business Translations.

“A couple of years ago, when I first met Josef Kubovsky, I was rather skeptical about Memsource, a cloud-based solution. We had a long discussion covering all of the pros and cons, and Josef finally persuaded me to try it. I have never regretted my decision. With Memsource, we brought our project management and our interaction with clients and vendors to a whole new level.