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What is the optimal MT Engine for you? Find out in the latest MT Report by Memsource.

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MT Match Memory Re-enabled

The machine translation match memory, or cache, had to be disabled for a few weeks as it was not GDPR compliant. We have now resolved this issue and can re-enable the cache. You may have noticed that...

New Webhook for Due Date Changes

A new webhook event, Due date changed, has been added. Until now, only three webhook events were supported in Memsource: Job created, Job assigned and Job status changed. The new event, Due date chan...

New Connector for Kentico

We have added another connector to our range of integrations – a connector for Kentico. With this connector you can link your Kentico account to your Memsource account and push page content for trans...

TP Box Integrates with Memsource

TP Box has announced an API-driven integration with Memsource. TP Box is a translation management platform and Memsource provides both a translation management system and translation environments. T...