Update Your Memsource Editor

We have improved the Memsource desktop Editor automatic updating service in this fresh release, but one last manual update may be necessary on your side. We would like to ask everyone who’s using desktop Editor on Windows to check its version under “Help” – “About” in the menu.

If your version is lower than 4.171, please download and install the latest version. After this, the Editor will automatically update with new releases.


Post-editing in Memsource

A translator can boost throughput from 2,000 to 4,000-8,000 words per day while maintaining a good level of quality if she (or he) switches to post-editing of machine-translated texts. A huge increase in productivity after a certain period of adaptation is the reason that post-editing of machine translation (PEMT)  is quickly overtaking regular translations. Already over 50% of translations from English to Spanish and from English to German in Memsource are done combining translation memory and a machine translation engine.


Instant Quote Widget Redesigned: Memsource Cloud 4.12 Release

Memsource Cloud 4.12 is scheduled for release on Sunday, 12 July 2015 at 9:00 AM GMT. These are some of the most notable improvements:

Your Services

We have introduced a brand new section under Setup – Your Services.

You will be able to define your services, for example “Professional translation” or “Crowdsourcing translation”, which you will be able to use with your Instant Quote widgets, in combination with Project Templates. (Only “Professional translation” is available at the moment).


Matthew Roselli: “If You Are an Experienced MT Post-Editor, Memsource is the Product for You”.

The following customer testimonial has been provided by Mr. Matthew Roselli, professional Italian to English translator and certified post-editor.

“I have been a professional freelance translator for 5 years now. I discovered Memsource in 2013 and since then, it has become my #1 CAT tool. That is actually an understatement, as it does not express how much more I prefer it to two desktop CAT tools I own. In fact, I use the others only when directly asked to by an agency.