Memsource Certification Program

A team of accredited users to assist with Memsource onboarding and training.


  • 50+ locations

  • 20+ languages

  • In-house or remote


Contacting a trainer will help you achieve higher consistency and efficiency with your translations, ultimately saving you a lot of time and money. They will provide you with excellent online or on-site service and ensure you have the knowledge to translate with ease for all your business needs.

There are three tiers of Memsource Certification based on the level of training the person has completed.

Certified Users have learned from official video recordings and have successfully finished a test on Memsource functionality. Certified Users have proven their knowledge of regular Memsource use.

Certified Trainers have received official training through live online sessions about advanced Memsource functionality and features. The training was finished with an advanced test. They are capable of training other users in Memsource and managing Memsource licenses at translation agencies. Certified Trainers can be freelance consultants, in-house project managers, or university lecturers.

Please note that we are currently redesigning the whole program and the silver Certified Trainer training will not be launched until May 2019. Therefore, first Certified Trainers will be officially certified in July 2019. At this point, please feel free to reach out to the Certified Users if you have a training request.

Certified Partner tier is currently in a pilot testing stage. It is an invitation-based tier for trainers with whom very close cooperation has been established. Certified Partners are directly involved in onboarding and are invited to provide onsite training for Memsource clients.

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  • Freelance Consultants
  • Translation Company Managers
  • University Professors
  • Project Managers
  • Localization Managers
  • Translators