Yurii Zablotskyi

Location: Ostroh, Ukraine

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Company: Mr.

Job title: Translation Instructor

Working in the translation industry since: 2014

Using Memsource since: 2016

Certification Program has helped me to improve my skills in managing Memsource. I have attended several webinars before, but information and practice received during training process have brought me more knowledge, experience, and confidence. Besides, I find this a good opportunity for my professional growth. I run translation course dealing with CAT tools and this certificate proves my qualification as well as ensures high-quality preparation for my students. Moreover, the possibility to try myself in a new field as a Memsource Certified Trainer looks very attractive considering the expansion rate of Memsource platform. I think my previous teaching experience combined with knowledge obtained during training will help me to provide high-quality training services.

Type of training I can provide:
Online / Remotely, Onsite / Office, Individuals, Groups

Who will benefit from my training:
Translators, Project Managers, Owners / Managers of Translation Agencies