Sean Cheng

Location: Sydney, Australia

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Company: UNSW, Australia

Job title: Associate Lecturer / Professional Translator

Working in the translation industry since: 2004

Using Memsource since: 2013

I'm an enthusiast of translation technology, and I'm interested in how technology evolves to help language professionals with their works. As a translator myself, I see great potential of developing the ability to effectively use all kinds of translation technology. Learning a tool or translation technology in general is not just about clicking buttons and following steps. It is about understanding the underlying principles of certain technology so that you can quickly adapt to different platforms, evaluate different scenarios and quickly work out the most effective workflow to complete a task.

I'm also teaching a translation technology course in the Master of Translation and Interpreting program at UNSW, Australia. I teach students how to use Memsource, so becoming a certified trainer is a natural progression.
Memsource is one of the best online CAT tools with sophisticated functions but great simplicity. It's a balance that is hard to achieve, but Memsource did it. I enjoy working on Memsource and would love to share my experience with more people.

Type of training I can provide:
Online / Remotely, Onsite / Office, Individuals, Groups

Who will benefit from my training:
Translators, Project Managers, Owners / Managers of Translation Agencies

Translation students or anyone who wants to work as a translator.