Nicole Keller

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

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Company: Dr. Nicole Keller

Job title: Consultant & Trainer for Translation Memory and Terminology Management Systems

Working in the translation industry since: 2000

Using Memsource since: 2014

I have worked as a trainer for TM systems since 2003 and Memsource is one of the systems that, in my opinion, provides many very good features for translators and translation companies. I also work as a lecturer at the University of Heidelberg and teach students how to use TM systems. I think that Memsource is a very good system to show and to begin with.

Type of training I can provide:
Online / Remotely, Onsite / Office, Individuals, Groups

Who will benefit from my training:
Translators, Project Managers, Owners / Managers of Translation Agencies

companies in general that want to introduce a translation ememory environment