Dragos Ciobanu

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

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Company: University of Leeds

Job title: Assistant Professor in Translation Studies

Working in the translation industry since: 2002

Using Memsource since: 2016

I have been training professional in-house and freelance linguists, as well as postgraduate students, to use a wide range of text, translation, localisation and speech technologies since 2003. After working with Memsource in several projects, I was persuaded that the tool, as well as the community behind it, were mature and very serious about making a difference in the language services industry through an extremely useful and flexible combination of features designed to enhance the speed and quality of the localisation workflow. This is why I have decided to add Memsource to my training services portfolio.

Type of training I can provide:
Online / Remotely, Onsite / Office, Individuals, Groups

Who will benefit from my training:
Translators, Project Managers, Owners / Managers of Translation Agencies, Localization Specialists