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TransLingo and Memsource

Success Story
Memsource customer success story | TransLingo
"If you have never used a CAT tool before, Memsource will get you up and running in no time. We send each translator a comparison table with feedback so that they can see what changes have been made at each step of the process and understand what to look out for. I find Memsource to be the easiest tool for translators to use."
Tomoe Nagase

Managing Director, TransLingo

TransLingo provides English to Japanese localization services to multi-language vendor (MLV) clients. They have over 20 years experience in the industry and serves over 250 global companies. TransLingo has around 100 registered translators who translate approximately 1 million words per month.

The Challenge

TransLingo has grown rapidly. As the company has grown, so has the need for more translators. TransLingo needs to provide licenses and training to translators and ensure they’re ready to take on translation work, especially those who have never used a CAT tool. After looking at several CAT tools, TransLingo chose Memsource because of its intuitive user-friendliness. This enables people to use a CAT tool without any prior experience. Memsource also has the features that translators need.

The Solution: Memsource

All TransLingo translators are now licensed to work in Memsource. Even if a job is done using another CAT tool, files are often transferred to the Memsource environment and translated there. Thanks to the ability to split files into multiple files, several translators can share the translation so a 10,000-word project can be completed in just a few days with Translation-Editing-Proofreading (TEP). As most of TransLingo’s projects have short deadlines, flexibility in assigning as many translators as needed to meet the client’s desired deadline is essential.

“Thanks to Memsource, we can meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.”

- Tomoe Nagase, Managing Director, TransLingo

The ability to view the history of changes made in each workflow is used to guarantee translation quality. It allows project managers to send feedback to translators so they can see what changes have been made at each step in the process and understand what they need to be aware of. When it comes to support, the Memsource Support Team is there to help. “If a problem arises, Memsource support staff is quick to respond so you can talk to them about it,” noted Tomoe Nagase.

TransLingo recently asked their translators for their opinions on translation tools and found Memsource was by far the most useful tool. Below you’ll find more results from the survey.

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