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Localizing E-Commerce Websites at Tennis-Point

Success Story
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Now, we can translate product descriptions in an easy, automated way.
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Fabian Lauer

Software Developer, Tennis-Point GmbH


To reach more customers in markets across the EU, Tennis-Point began localizing their main website. They soon realized buyers expected to be able to search for products in their own language, so product information needed to be localized as well. This was a huge undertaking: nearly 50,000 items of tennis equipment and clothing are in stock at and 6,000 – 7,000 products are added every year. The company’s content managers faced more than 70,000 text changes annually.

To carry out such a challenging task without spending a fortune, Tennis-Point had to take a smart approach and automate their translation and localization process. That’s why they chose Memsource.


Integrating Content and Translation Systems

Fabian Lauer, the software developer at Tennis-Point responsible for localization, was the man responsible for selecting Memsource and integrating it with Oxid eShop, the Tennis-Point e-commerce system. The integration process was quick and simple, and allows content updates to be automatically collected and delivered to Memsource via API, where they are then forwarded to Tennis-Point’s translation company in weekly batches.

Automated Localization – 30% Faster

With all updates now running through an automated localization process, content managers at Tennis Point no longer have to email every text update to their translation office. This reduces content work by around 130 days a year, allowing for a 30% faster localization cycle and saving hours of manual labor.

Budget Savings with Translation Memory

Memsource pre-translates content from translation memory, so the same phrase never gets translated twice. This is particularly significant for the e-commerce sector, where large portions of the content are repetitive. At Tennis-Point, titles for different “Wilson tennis racket” models may differ by one or two words, reducing the number of words required to be translated. In some cases, translation memory can reduce human translation work by more than 90%, which is reflected in the budget.

Multilingual Marketing – Promotional Emails in 12 Languages

Through Memsource, Tennis-Point’s marketing department is able to deliver promotional newsletters twice per week to customers in their native languages. To make them multilingual, the manager submits the html draft into Memsource through the simple drag and drop Automation Widget. The vendor uses Tennis-Point’s translation memory to save on costs and their terminology base to ensure consistency with the website. This process enables the marketing team to quickly and easily localize their e-news twice a week in 12 languages at a lower cost and achieve a significant boost in open and conversion rates.


SEO-Optimized Localization

With a Memsource account, Tennis-Point now owns and controls their translation memory, does not depend on a translation company for language data, and the streamlined process and automation has eliminated the need for manual translation operations. Looking ahead, the company is ready to move forward with SEO-optimised product description localization to further increase their online presence.

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