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Reducing Content Post-Translation Time by 80%

Success Story
Memsource customer success story | Fujifilm
Easy to set up and easy to manage. Memsource is quite a joy to use.
Memsource Customer Success Story | Michael Bush - Fujifilm
Michael Bush

Marketing Communications Manager

Producing Marketing Materials for the EMEA Region

The EMEA marketing communications department of the Fujifilm Graphics division in Kent, UK produces sales and marketing material in 15 languages for use throughout Europe. The content creation and localization team, headed by Michael Bush, creates a wide variety of materials for print, online, mobile, and display formats such as graphics-rich presentations, brochures, campaigns, exhibition materials, and microsites.

The traditional localization method was to provide artwork files to a local design agency in the specific countries, where they would translate the content and finalize the localized files. However, with limited local resources, much of the material ended up being produced in English. Michael’s team saw an opportunity to provide a better centralized in-house localization process for their content and artwork.


A streamlined in-house marketing localization team

Initially, the team provided .pdf or text documents to the in-house translators. When the translations were completed, they had to manually copy and paste the text back into the InDesign artwork. This method was tedious and could take up to 1.5 hours to produce, revise, and approve a typical brochure which often included diagrams, tables, and charts. Fed up with the inefficient process, Michael searched for a tool that could automatically insert the translated text back into the artwork. He chose Memsource.

Easily translating InDesign files

Most of the artwork produced by the content team is created in Adobe InDesign. Memsource enables Michael and his team to easily upload the artwork as .idml files and clearly presents the work to the translators in a bilingual .xliff format in the web and desktop editors.

When the translation is complete, Memsource reassembles the .idml file for the designers and they only need to correct minor elements, such as adjusting text boxes.

Significant post-translation time savings

After switching to Memsource, the time to prepare a brochure or presentation in a new language decreased from 90 minutes to around 15 minutes.

Additionally, because the platform is easy to use, Michael’s translators only need a brief how-to guide when learning the system and the translations can be managed by the design team. Memsource is now a helpful extension of the content creation process.

“As a design department, we chose Memsource to help us manage the translation process and produce localized artwork more efficiently.”

- Michael Bush, Marketing Communications Manager at Fujifilm


Saving more time with translation memory

As the number of translations increase, large amounts of text are often automatically pre-translated in Memsource. This saves valuable time for the in-house translators - sometimes up to 30-40% when preparing a suite of materials for a product. This is just the beginning: with translation memory, the percentage of matches will continue to grow over time.

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