Memsource + localization education

Using Memsource Translate, we were able to achieve a 200% increase in the languages available in our help center. This has helped us stay ahead of our product team - when mobile app stores started requiring localized documentation, we were ready. With innovative features like MT Autoselect, we are confident that we are always leveraging the best possible engine for each translation - whether it's our games, marketing material, or documentation.
Jeremy Fair

Director of Localization & Business Systems

Memsource has enabled the Vista Localization Operations Team to effectively support the company’s mission to migrate to a new state-of-the-art tech stack for content management and to streamline workflows, providing more automation and easy-to-use off-the-shelf connectors.
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Annalisa Barbaglia and Alexander Ekhilevskiy
Annalisa Barbaglia | Alexander Ekhilevskiy

Localization Manager | Senior Localization Program Manager

Getting translations right is crucial when building a scalable business across 24 markets. Memsource has proven to be the pinnacle of that ambition, and will continue to be a vital cornerstone in our future marketing operations. Providing us ease-of-use for our internal translators, assisted by translation memory and machine translation as well as an open API, perfectly fit our "best of breed" martech approach.
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Andreas Mailand
Andreas Mailand

Head of Digital Sales

Since Memsource supports various file formats, we were able to cut the process for developing encoding/decoding tools that were needed in the old translation system and cut about 50% of process time prior to creating a project for file formats being handled for the first time. Also, since the completed translated file is incorporated as is into the source code, we also cut about 50% of the post-translation management work. Other advantages of the tool are its simple interface and not needing to own and maintain an in-house server since it is in the cloud.
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Ryoko Sato

Project Manager of UI Localization Team

Memsource is a very easy-to-use tool for managing translation workflows based on international standards. The unlimited use of machine translation at a fixed price and the courteous Japanese-language assistants were also considered major advantages in our decision to migrate to Memsource as our main tool over other companies’ products. Since migrating to Memsource, our work efficiency has improved by 30%.
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Naoki Toyosawa, @global, Ltd.
Naoki Toyosawa

Quality Assurance Coordinator, Translation Department

Automation is efficiency and nowadays, efficiency is the key if you want to be very fast on the market and with Memsource you can automate a lot.
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Rafaella Braconi - NumberFour
Rafaella Braconi

Manager User Documentation & Internationalization

Language Quality Assessment plays an important role in our QA strategy because it helps us abide by ISO 17100 standards. The exportable LQA scorecard is a standout feature and a valuable visual tool as it allows our project managers and language leads to send professional, objective feedback to freelance translators. It also helps us impartially resolve internal and external complaints.
Horacio Carman
Horacio Carman

Executive Director of Client Services

Memsource’s automated Workflows help our project managers efficiently manage translations and significantly reduce project turnaround time. The powerful combination of workflows with project templates and automatic project creation makes the translation process even faster.
Camille Xu

Translation Technology Director

Large and mature translation buyers need more than just translations – they ask for innovative and efficient solutions. Such solutions can take the form of plugins or connectors for their various Content Management Systems. This is where Memsource has helped us win new and retain existing customers. Thanks to Memsource’s REST APIs we have developed powerful and attractive integrations to help our clients improve and automate their workflows.
Christophe Eyraud Acolad
Christophe Eyraud

Head of Business Solutions

We switched from an on-premise CAT tool to Memsource, which is cloud-based, in order to support remote work. Thanks to its intuitive UI and the easy importing of translation memories, we were able to move to Memsource without a hitch and people who had no prior Memsource experience were able to use it right away. More than 70% of our projects use TMs, and we are able to maintain a high level of efficiency.
Mizuho Financial Group

Memsource has proven to be a reliable partner when it comes to delivering quality translations to our customers in a timely fashion. Memsource Mobile in particular is a unique software solution that helps us provide even the most urgent translations while maintaining quality and ensuring that our services remain profitable. Our translators also enjoy working with Memsource. Many of them find it significantly more user-friendly than other CAT tools on the market. Using Memsource Mobile, they are able to deliver smaller translations, under 100 words, on the go or even while riding on the metro. We are happy to recommend Memsource to anyone who is used to having a versatile, dependable and relevant tool at their disposal, as well as having a trusted business partner with a keen understanding of customer needs.
Transvertum and Memsource
Nikita Gusyatnikov

Translation Department Head

Memsource is flexible and has adaptable functionality that can probably meet very diverse use and business cases. There is constant development of functionalities, good support, and nice people that try to understand your needs and help you find the best solutions.
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Memsource Customer Success Story | Juliane Ried | Cochrane
Juliane Ried

Multi-language Program Manager

Memsource has helped us save a great amount of time, as it is very user-friendly for localizers, especially for linguists. It brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of continuous localization.
Skylar Tan

Head of Localization

Memsource has transformed our localization process and we started to see positive results from day one. We are able to measure and analyze the scope of each translation project enabling accurate and instant insight for all stakeholders.
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Maintaining translation consistency with Memsource
Emma Davis

Chief Editor

We chose Memsource at Bohemia Interactive because it does exactly what we need, and for a fair price. We benefit mainly from the translation memory and fuzzy matches, which not only help to increase quality and overall consistency of our output but also help us to optimize costs. Translation and quotes management have been a huge step up for us, and we are able to process multiple file formats without the need of further import or export. Indeed, it is an invaluable tool which changed the way we localize for the better.
Vojtech Schubert Bohemia Interactive game localization
Vojtěch Schubert

Localization Producer

We’ve been using Memsource since our team was formed 3 years ago. In that time, we’ve gone through office moves, business trips, and late-night text emergencies but, thanks to Memsource, our localization projects have always stayed on track.
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David Ochart Nexon America
David Ochart

Senior Localization Copy Editor

Being professional users of other leading CAT tools for several years and handling great amounts of projects per year, Memsource has convinced us with its project templates. This function saves our translation project managers a lot of time when creating projects as everything is pre-filled automatically. We also find the analysis and quotes function very handy as this gives us full transparency in translation related expenses even before placing the order. From a management point of view Memsource provides us a much needed overview of the whole translation process chain and makes the handling of translation service providers quite easy.
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Dominik Lächler photos
Dominik Lächler

Head, Dept. Bürkert Information Management (bIM)

Memsource is easy to pick up and use right away. This is especially good for people who are just getting started with a TMS. Other services can be quite daunting when you first start them up. The UI is intuitive and streamlined, which makes for a great user experience. Constant updates and a very responsive support team are also a plus.
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Peter Chun mixi
Peter Ma

Localization Manager

For Latinoamérica Habla, using Memsource is an enormous challenge and, at the same time, a great solution in the task of revitalizing indigenous languages. The difficulties that we face result from the lack of knowledge that communities have with software. They are used to working in a more traditional way. The vast amount of Memsource features can be intimidating at first but over time they learn to focus on the tools they need and achieve more efficient translations. Thanks to Memsource, Latinoamérica Habla's impact is threefold. We give job opportunities to indigenous communities, digitize endangered languages, and insure the NGO is sustainable in the long term.
Eugenia Urrere - Latinoamérica Habla
Eugenia Urrere


Going from in-house tools to a professional platform has been a game changer. Memsource is a disrupter in its field and shares our passion for tech and customer service.
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Michael Kapus - photo
Michael Kapus

Localization Manager

With improved terminology consistency and translation quality, Memsource essentially pays for itself.
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Tommy Nordkvist - photo
Tommy Nordkvist

Head of Game Operations

As a design department, we chose Memsource to help us manage the translation process and produce localized artwork more efficiently.
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Michael Bush - photo
Michael Bush

Marketing Communications Manager

Memsource allows me to hide complexity from internal localization clients. Requests are easily submitted to our language service provider through Memsource’s automation widgets or via Automated Project creation through Cloud storage such as Dropbox. These features have significantly streamlined our localization process and reduced turnaround time.
Silvio Clausen - photo
Silvio Clausen

Localization Manager

If you have never used a CAT tool before, Memsource will get you up and running in no time. We send each translator a comparison table with feedback so that they can see what changes have been made at each step of the process and understand what to look out for. I find Memsource to be the easiest tool for translators to use.
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Tomoe Nagase

Managing Director

Now, thanks to automation, we can easily translate product descriptions on our ecommerce website, and our localization cycle is 30% faster.
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Fabian Lauer - photo
Fabian Lauer

Software Developer

In summary, the AI-powered Non-translatables feature is reliable and has allowed us to lower the weighted word counts in our projects. Therefore, we are able to deliver translations faster than before and can also offer competitive quotes to our customers.
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Whether we’re talking about translators, revisers, or project managers, Memsource has really made our lives easier while boosting our productivity. It offers everything we’re looking for in a CAT tool, and we’re confident that it will continue to meet our evolving needs as we scale up and grow as a company.
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Riteba McCallum - Langiage Lead, Oxo Innovations
Riteba McCallum

Language Lead

In addition to being affordable and not having to ask translators to purchase packages or licenses, the deciding factor for implementing Memsource was its ability to handle Markdown files. It's also a great advantage that all operations can be done in the cloud and workflows can be easily managed.
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Koichi Nakajima
Koichi Nakajima

Software Localization Engineer, Technical Communications Team, Development Division

Even for beginners, Memsource is easy to use: When you click a button, you already know what’s going to happen. Communicating with translators and proofreaders had been an issue for us, so the ability to exchange data in the cloud was a dream come true. Thanks to Memsource, proofreading time has been cut by about a third, and the need to pass data back and forth between team members has been virtually eliminated. We also appreciate the responsive performance and attractive pricing.
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Chie Shibata

Translation IT Group, Chizai Translation Center

We chose Memsource because it is easy to use and has the features we need. In addition to how good the Memsource software is, the company’s extensive support was also a key factor in our decision. Streamlining our operations by introducing Memsource has enabled us to achieve significant cost reductions.
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Nana Tajima
Nana Tajima

General Manager, Quality Management Division

A high volume of translation requests and tight deadlines are common in our industry. With Memsource we have been able to reduce some of the challenges we face and also completely automate our translation workflows, which saves our project managers 50% of their time.
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Melvin Quek
Melvin Quek

Global Operations Director

Our industry is changing fast, and as a translation agency, you will need technical platforms that are flexible and that will enable you to easily integrate different tools and collaborate with technical partners throughout the translation process. I would suggest looking for a flexible system that does not lock you in and allows you to scale in use to better serve your customers. In March 2018, Amesto was bought by Semantix AB.
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Emma Skagerberg - photo
Emma Skagerberg

IT Manager Production Systems

Arancho Doc reduced turnaround time for a pharmaceutical marketing department using the In-Context Preview feature, which resulted in gaining new business from another department within the company.
Inge Boonen - photo
Inge Boonen

Sales Director

The automated process of WordPress-based website localization with the Memsource Connector enables our clients to publish their localized websites up to 30% faster than before.
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Marina Orešković - photo
Marina Orešković

Chief Operations Officer

Memsource was able to meet all our requirements and needs as a preferred translation solution – Memsource is more than just a supplier; they are a good and stable business partner who we value greatly.
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Jesper Nielsen - photo
Jesper Nielsen


I know things are going to work. I don’t have to troubleshoot. It’s very easy to work together on projects because of the centralized resources, term bases, and so on, and that’s actually something I really want to teach.
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Martin Kappus
Martin Kappus

Lecturer in BA Applied Languages ​​and MA Applied Linguistics

I’ve been working with Memsource almost every day since 2015, and I’m still as impressed as I was on day one. As a translator, I especially care about CAT tools being easy to use, intuitive, and flexible, so I can focus on what’s important to me: creating high-quality translations. Memsource meets all my needs, and its user interface is very modern and appealing.
Memsource Testimonial Freelance Translator
Flurina Schwendimann

Freelance Translator

Memsource and Memsource MT support all the WANA (West Asian North African) languages and offer the correct characters and the correct direction of writing without the need to install language packs or dll files. This frees up valuable time for actual teaching and reduces the risk of hitches.
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Björn Olofsson
Björn Olofsson

Associate teacher at the institute for interpreting and translation studies

Having access to translation technology tools is of great importance for translation students... Fortunately, Memsource, which is a Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tool, offers a free academic edition to the translation departments of the universities since 2012.
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Caner Çetiner
Caner Çetiner

Professor of Translation Technology and Localization

Memsource is not only professional translation software, but also an efficient tool for teaching and learning, in particular, enhancing translator competence and translation efficiency as well as increasing learners’ global competitiveness in the translation market.
Memsource Student Certification Dr Venus Chan
Dr Venus Chan

Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences and Arts, The Open University of Hong Kong

I am convinced that training translation students to become proficient users of CAT-tools will help them to acquire the necessary experience and skills to be more competitive on the translation market. Memsource gives this opportunity to our students.
Yurii Zablotskyi
Yurii Zablotskyi

Postgraduate Translation Lecturer at The National University of Ostroh Academy

In 2019, the University of Salento introduced Memsource to master students of technical translation and interpreting in the framework of the CAT laboratory course. This cloud-based CAT platform offers a complete set of CAT functionalities as well as a truly effective and intuitive UI. The learning curve of the platform is steep (i.e., significant learning outcomes can be achieved quickly) and students appreciated this a lot. The availability of desktop and mobile versions widens the usage scenario significantly, as offline working and full portability can be exploited, too. From a technical perspective, Memsource REST APIs enable integration with additional, third-party tools effectively, reducing the gap between academic and professional sectors.
Marco Zappatore Adjunct Professor of CAT Laboratory at University of Salento
Marco Zappatore

Adjunct Professor of CAT Laboratory at University of Salento (Lecce, Italy)

Thanks to Memsource, students learn to set up and execute whole translation projects: From TM creation, through choosing the best MT engine depending on the job, to delivering post-editing work.
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Celia Rico
Celia Rico

Translation Technology Professor

I wanted to make all course participants project managers as that would allow them to see the full chain of tasks required to produce a translation. With Memsource, we found a solution that allows exactly that.
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Male avatar
Edgar Bohm

Translation Technology Lecturer

With the help of Memsource, our students not only learn how the program works but also get a wonderful opportunity to become more motivated and responsible for their projects because the simulation of the work process is close to their future work.
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Female avatar
Olga Zheleznyakova

Head of the Department of Modern Translation Techniques

I have been using Memsource as a didactic tool for three years now. I find that it is the perfect tool to introduce students to all the main functions and principles of CAT tools. It has a very user-friendly interface and students learn to use it very quickly.
Chris Rundle
Chris Rundle

Assistant Professor of Translation at University of Bologna

Our first contact with the Memsource Academic Edition went well and students liked it very much, especially because they soon got familiar with the basic functions. Memsource is really user friendly and simple to use. Another positive point is that Memsource is cloud-based and can be accessed from multiple devices at any time. It was also very easy to implement the tool in translation classes.
Female avatar
Katrin Herget

CAT Instructor and Translation Lecturer at University of Aveiro

The use of the CAT software from Memsource gives them [our students] a great chance to gain experience and job-specific translation skills on the stage of professional training at the university.
Female avatar
Tatiana Yudina

Head of Interpreting and Translation Department at Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

Memsource is an ideal tool for attaining our educational goals. Memsource’s uncluttered user interface makes it an excellent candidate for introducing students to both TM and project management tools.
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Tony Hartley
Tony Hartley

Professor of Translation Technologies

We are very proud and thankful of being a college customer of Memsource Academic Edition. Memsource Cloud as a Cloud-based CAT tool has many advantages, such as low cost, easy management, collaborative translation and fast deliveries.
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Joe Zhou
Joe Zhou

Director of the MTI Education Center

Ever since Memsource Cloud has been released, it has starred amongst our students’ favorite tools for its straightforwardness, interface clarity and low maintenance requirements for the end user.
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Pavel Král
Pavel Král

Teacher of Translation Technology

In 2013 Aston University added Memsource to the CAT tools we use for the teaching of translation students. The Memsource Academic edition was easy to arrange, was provided quickly and is free of charge.
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David Pollard
David Pollard

Learning and Teaching Support Manager

My students learned how to use Memsource and other mainstream CAT tools last semester. For the final project, they were requested to finish a project using a CAT tool of their choice. It turned out that almost half of the 50 students selected Memsource. I think it is remarkable for a relatively ‘new kid on the block’. Congrats.
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Male avatar
Simon Sun

Professor of Translation

Memsource is a very solid and well-defined CAT tool, and by far the best cloud-based solution I have worked with so far. As a very easy to learn, yet efficient solution, I would recommend it over traditional CAT tools for translators and for projects where an intuitive user interface is key to productivity.
Anthony Teixeira - photo
Anthony Teixeira

Professional Translator English and Japanese to French

Memsource is extremely helpful as a tool for collaborative translations, and its learning curve is virtually non-existent.
Susana Almeida Pecorelli - photo
Susana Almeida Pecorelli

Medical Translator at ITClinical, Portugal

I discovered Memsource in 2013, and it is now my #1 CAT tool.
Matthew Roselli - photo
Matthew Roselli

Professional Italian to English translator and certified post-editor

I have found it to be very easy to use, and more Japanese-friendly and freelancer-friendly than tools offered by other major players.
Teddy Okuyama - photo
Teddy Okuyama

Japanese to English freelance translator