Talent Endorsement Program

Theoretical academic preparation is essential in helping students build their knowledge and professional reputation on the market. As we believe that deep understanding should be supplemented by hands-on practice in cooperation with leading translation agencies, we have decided to capitalize on our vast partner base and make this possible by bringing the two sides – industry and academia – closer together.

The goal? Simple. To make the big world smaller.

  • Capitalize on the abilities of young talent

    Capitalize on the abilities of young talent

  • Help train future co-workers

    Help train future co-workers

  • Jump-start your career

    Jump-start your career

  • Get external experience

    Get external experience


We decided to start this project based on our conviction that real-world experience is an essential part of translator training. Building on the ever-growing numbers of both our partner universities and translation agencies, we are convinced that we can be an effective intermediate between the two.

However, we also want to be sure who we vouch for. For that reason, we have created a set of criteria (found below) that all the parties must meet in order to participate in the program. The aim is to create a rewarding environment for both parties so that only the most reliable translation agencies and the most skilled students are promoted.

Students & universities | The Criteria | Translation agencies

  • The translation department must be part of our Memsource Student Certification Program.
  • The agencies are carefully selected with the help of our account managers.
  • This also means that we have discussed the form of Memsource training with the professor and found it exceptional.
  • The agencies pay students for their work.
  • The student must pass the Student Certification with excellent results.
  • The agencies should have experience working with newcomers to the industry.
  • The professor who trains students in Memsource has to be a Memsource Certified Trainer.
  • The agencies must support students with advice, accurate feedback and, ideally, additional training.
  • The student must be recommended by their professor.
  • The cooperation can be freelance or on-site.

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  • “I think this program is a great idea, as it gives students real insight into the industry instead of a ‘textbook’ approach. Real world experience is always ideal!”

    Susan Wang
    Susan Wang, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
  • “The linguists who work with us are the pillar of our business. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for new talent and appreciate being connected with students who, one day, may become an important resource.”

    Hana Laurenzo - photo
    Hana Laurenzo, Teneo Linguistics Company
  • “The cooperation has helped me practice with the program, and it has also given me an edge in the translation technology courses I am taking at the university.”

    Male avatar
    David Acevedo Irizarry, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus