Student Certification Program

Giving students the opportunity to excel in the translation industry

The Memsource Student Certification Program was created to give students a way to prove not only their skills in the Memsource platform but also their basic knowledge of the entire translation process. Upon successful completion, students are awarded an official Memsource Student Certificate and are welcomed into the Memsource community.

  • CAT tool training

    CAT tool training

  • Simulated industry experience

    Simulated industry experience

  • Certification upon completion

    Certification upon completion

  • Free program participation

    Free program participation


Launched in September 2016, The Memsource Student Certification Program was the answer to our question:
“How do we measure student translation technology proficiency?”

The program is led by professors who have completed the Memsource Certification Program and who use our Academic edition to enrich their translation curriculum. This ensures the highest possible standard of training and encourages universities to follow the latest industry trends.

The certification is issued to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled at a university which uses our free Academic edition
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using Memsource
  • Have an understanding of the entire translation process
  • Submit the required materials by the deadline
  • Score 80% or higher on the final project

The Student Certification Program is intentionally structured so that students work independently, much like they would in the field. Submissions are evaluated by Memsource for grading consistency and quality. Top performers are then offered participation in the Memsource Talent Endorsement Program.

Looking for additional information or interested in participating? We’re always on the lookout for new institutions to collaborate with.

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  • “The Student Certification Program was a great way to round-off my experience with Memsource and is an excellent way to demonstrate my skills. I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to learn how to use Memsource during my studies and I would highly recommend it to others.”

    Alicia Bonnet Memsource student certification program
    Alicia Bonnet, University of Western Brittany
  • “Memsource was introduced to us back when I was studying at the University of Leeds. The cloud-based server and its app make it easier for works to be checked, even if we are on the go. It is easy to navigate as well as optimizes the workflow for better collaboration. Being trained in how to use Memsource also ensured I was well prepared to start my career as a professional translator.”

    Ruidi Li Memsource Student Certification Program
    Ruidi Li, University of Leeds