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Added value through state-of-the-art translation technology.

  • Leverage machine translation

    Leverage machine translation

  • Increase margins with AI

    Increase margins with AI

  • Client-centric solutions

    Client-centric solutions

Memsource for translation agencies


  • 500+ languages

    500+ languages

    Provide the language pairs your clients are looking for with more than 500 languages supported in Memsource. Easily scale the number of languages you offer as your company expands.

  • 50+ file formats

    50+ file formats

    Memsource supports a wide range of file types, from MS Office to software localization, including .XML, .HTML, .PSD, .INDD, .PDF, .MIF, and many more.

  • 30+ machine translation engines

    30+ machine translation engines

    Work with the machine translation engine that best suits you. Combined with post-editing analysis, you can leverage machine translation matches just like you leverage translation memory matches, increasing your margins.

  • Free for your translators

    Free for your translators

    Give your translators free access to the Memsource Editor for Web, which opens in the browser, the Memsource Editor for Desktop, which syncs with the cloud in real-time and supports offline work, and the Memsource mobile app.

  • Connectors and API

    Connectors and API

    Connect to your and your clients’ platforms such as Sitecore, AEM, Git, WordPress, Drupal, and more, or build a custom integration using Memsource’s REST API.

  • Increase margins with artificial intelligence

    Increase margins with artificial intelligence

    Memsource has developed patented technology that identifies 100% matches from non-translatable segments and high-quality machine translation. These are in addition to translation memory matches.

  • Client-centric solutions

    Client-centric solutions

    Empower your clients by providing a client portal, client in-house review, submitter accounts, shared jobs, or the ability to review terminology.

  • Customize with white labelling

    Customize with white labelling

    Promote your brand by customizing Memsource with your own logo and internet domain, presenting the face of your company to your clients.

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Large and mature translation buyers need more than just translations – they ask for innovative and efficient solutions. Such solutions can take the form of plugins or connectors for their various Content Management Systems. This is where Memsource has helped us win new and retain existing customers. Thanks to Memsource’s REST APIs we have developed powerful and attractive integrations to help our clients improve and automate their workflows.
Christophe Eyraud Acolad
Christophe Eyraud

Head of Business Solutions

Our industry is changing fast, and as a translation agency, you will need technical platforms that are flexible and that will enable you to easily integrate different tools and collaborate with technical partners throughout the translation process. I would suggest looking for a flexible system that does not lock you in and allows you to scale in use to better serve your customers. In March 2018, Amesto was bought by Semantix AB.
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Emma Skagerberg - photo
Emma Skagerberg

IT Manager Production Systems