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Share your storylines with the world faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before. Memsource gives you the tools to automate your translation process and ensure high-quality localization.

  • Localize for <br>any platform

    Localize for
    any platform

  • High-quality UX

    High-quality UX

  • End-to-end automation

    End-to-end automation


  • 500+ languages

    500+ languages

    Localize your software strings into more than 500 languages. Easily scale the number of languages as your company expands into new markets.

  • 50+ file types

    50+ file types

    Memsource supports JCSV, XLS, JSON, XML,  as well as the ability to customize file formats to your needs on top of regular expressions.

  • Engage your community

    Engage your community

    High-quality localization is the key to growing a global fan base. Give players a user experience that feels tailored to them while staying true to the original storyline.

  • REST API and connectors

    REST API and connectors

    Automate your translations end-to-end with out-of-the-box connectors to repositories like Git, GitLab, BitBucket, and more, or take advantage of Memsource’s REST API.

  • Continuous localization

    Continuous localization

    Memsource supports continuous localization through a number of features. Continuous jobs can be created to sync with the localization files in your source code repository to automatically pull translations for new or updated strings.

  • Provide context to translators

    Provide context to translators

    Improve your translation quality by providing context to your translators. Memsource provides a number of context options such as screenshots, notes, keys, and links that are automatically presented when translating.

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A Return on InvestmentWith improved terminology consistency and translation quality, Memsource essentially pays for itself.
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