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Optimize your translation processes

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Implement state-of-the-art translation technology to make your translation processes as efficient as possible across your global brand.

  • End inefficiency with automation

    End inefficiency with automation

  • Leverage machine translation

    Leverage machine translation

  • Reduce translation costs

    Reduce translation costs

Memsource for Global Businesses


  • 500+ languages

    500+ languages

    Keep your brand’s global voice consistent across all branches, cultures, and language locales. Easily scale the number of languages as your company expands into new markets.

  • 50+ file formats

    50+ file formats

    Every department can easily send and receive translations in the file types they most commonly work in: .DOC, .HTML, .PSD, .INDD, .PDF, .MD, and many more.

  • Reduce translation costs

    Reduce translation costs

    Reduce time-to-market and costs with 30+ machine translation engines, traditional translation features such as translation memory, and innovative features powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Multi-vendor management

    Multi-vendor management

    Connect all of your translation vendors in our real-time, centralized platform. Maintaining total control of your data means that you can change your vendor setup at any time.

  • Choose your translation method

    Choose your translation method

    Whether you want to use your own translators, an agency, or machine translation, Memsource provides the tools to automate the process end-to-end.

  • Integrate with in-house systems

    Integrate with in-house systems

    Connect to Sitecore, AEM, Marketo, Git, Zendesk, Salesforce, and more via our out-of-the-box connectors or build your own end-to-end integration using Memsource REST API.

  • Centralize your data

    Centralize your data

    Centralize all of your translation data while providing flexibility to your regional teams to design a localization workflow that best suits their needs and capabilities.

  • Scale your usage

    Scale your usage

    Start with one team and expand your usage to new departments, branches, target markets, and beyond. Memsource is always aligned with your business growth strategies.

  • The most reliable TMS

    The most reliable TMS

    Enjoy enterprise-grade security standards and reliability. We make sure you can focus on your work without interruptions. Learn more

  • Experts at your side

    Experts at your side

    Onboard to Memsource with a dedicated Customer Success Manager. We’ll support you with automating your TMS migration using custom scripts. Need consulting on API use cases, machine translation, or data analytics? We have the right experts!

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Memsource is way ahead of their competition when it comes to SAS solutions - it seems that others are now playing catch up. We never know what our next request will be but one thing for sure is that we are confident that Memsource will be able to handle anything that comes its way.
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Michael Kapus

Content Localization Manager, OVH