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Stop wasting time with manual processes. Automate new or updated translations for product listings, reviews, entire websites, and more to create localized experiences for customers around the globe.

  • Capitalize on <br>machine translation

    Capitalize on
    machine translation

  • Quickly enter <br> new markets

    Quickly enter
    new markets

  • Automate <br>end-to-end



  • 500+ languages

    500+ languages

    Increase buyer confidence and sales by delivering a full ecommerce experience in their native language, with a strategy enhanced by localized SEO.

  • Connect to your ecommerce platform

    Connect to your ecommerce platform

    Connect Memsource with your ecommerce platform of choice via our out-of-the-box connectors such as Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager, or others via REST API.

  • Choose your translation method

    Choose your translation method

    Whether you decide to use your own translators, an agency, machine translation, or a combination of the three, Memsource provides the tools to automate the process end-to-end.

  • Scale your usage

    Scale your usage

    Whether you’re just entering multilingual ecommerce, targeting a new market, or launching an entire website, Memsource’s robust and scalable platform will suit your needs.

  • Reduce translation costs

    Reduce translation costs

    Connect to over 30 machine translation engines in Memsource. Memsource automatically identifies low-quality machine translation output and marks it for post-editing.

  • End-to-end automation

    End-to-end automation

    Easily translate new product descriptions, reviews, promotions, marketing content, and more with regular exports for translation directly from your ecommerce platform.

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A Faster Localization CycleNow, thanks to automation, we can easily translate product descriptions on our ecommerce website, and our localization cycle is 30% faster.
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