Translating Technical Documentation

Attain high-quality and low-cost localization

Looking for ways to reduce your translation costs without compromising quality? Leverage Memsource’s machine translation integrations and AI-powered technology.

  • Reduce Costs while Maintaining Quality

    Reduce Costs while Maintaining Quality

  • Capitalize on <br>Machine Translation

    Capitalize on
    Machine Translation

  • Reduce Your<br> Time-to-Market

    Reduce Your


  • Reduce Translation Costs

    Reduce Translation Costs

    Memsource offers a combination of traditional cost-saving features such as translation memory, enhanced with innovative approaches based on artificial intelligence.

  • Translate 50+ File Types

    Translate 50+ File Types

    Translate in the formats your technical documentation is in such as Framemaker, DITA, XML, or Microsoft Word, then receive your translated files back in the same format.

  • 25+ Machine Translation Engines

    25+ Machine Translation Engines

    Connect to over 25 machine translation engines in Memsource. Memsource automatically identifies low-quality machine translation output and marks it for post-editing.

  • Workflow Automation

    Workflow Automation

    Connect your CMS via our out-of-the-box connectors, the COTI interface, or REST API to automatically pull newly published documentation into Memsource and receive it back in your platform once localized.

  • Secure Your Data

    Secure Your Data

    Maintain control over your data by implementing SSO and 2-factor authentication, encrypted file transfers, and prevent unauthorized downloads during translation.

  • Collaborate with Multiple Vendors

    Collaborate with Multiple Vendors

    Ensure your content is translated by industry and subject matter experts and collaborate in real-time with your preferred translation companies, translators, and in-house reviewers.


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Saving on Repetitive ContentWhen we translate our support guides using Memsource, we can see up to 20% of a guide already pre-translated thanks to translation memory and term bases.
Michael Kapus

Content Localization Manager