• Translate .json, .csv, .xml, .resx, .yaml and 40 more formats
  • Save up to 90% of time and budget
  • Automate your workflow
  • Fully API enabled for easy integration

Parse and Translate Interfaces, Support Docs and Web Pages

Are you an in-house localization professional at a software company? Facing more than 10,000 words of language work per month? Managing a workflow with multiple daily content updates into 4+ languages? Use Memsource to increase your productivity, automate your processes and save time and money.


Memsource is a professional translation and localization platform that features a project management suite, translation memory technology and integrated machine translation to help cut costs and increase productivity by an average of 36%. It also includes both cloud and desktop-based translation editors, meaning you can work directly online, or directly on your laptop while traveling for example.


You can use Memsource off-the-self, or integrate it with your current content management system via API, and customize the workflow to fit your QA process. If you currently do your translations through a translation company, you can let them manage the work, but keep the control over multilingual intellectual property created in the process.