Editions & Pricing  

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Team Start 

€20 | $27 

project manager / month

For a freelancer or small translation companies 

  • 2 free linguist accounts for each project manager account
  • Translation memory
  • Machine translation
  • Terminology management
  • Automation widget 
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive connectors
  • Technical support 



€150 | $200 

project manager / month

For mid-sized translation companies

  • 10 free linguist accounts for each project manager account
  • Workflow
  • Project automation
  • Shared projects
  • FTP, WordPress, and Drupal connectors


€250 | $350 

project manager / month

For large translation companies with API needs

  • 10 free linguist accounts for each project manager account
  • API
  • Git, GitHub, and GitLab connectors
  • Custom cloud domain
  •  Analytics & financials

Minimum subscription is 5 project managers.


customized to your needs

For enterprise localization deployments

  • All Memsource features
  • Custom subscription agreement
  • Flat rate pricing
  • Hubspot, Marketo, AEM, Zendesk, Typo3, and other CMS connectors
  • SLA
  • Dedicated account manager


Our free edition allows a maximum of 2 files for translation at a time. Suitable for occasional translators. 

"Collaborating in real time has taken our relationships with customers to a new level."  

Christophe Eyraud, Semantix  

"With improved terminology consistency and translation quality, Memsource essentially pays for itself."

Tommy Nordkvist, GameHouse

Edition Comparison

Personal or Team Start?  

Our free Personal edition has been designed for the hobbyist translator who will not translate more than two files at a time, a limitation of the Personal edition. If you are a professional translator, we recommend the Team Start edition that offers everything you would expect from a full-featured CAT tool.  

Team Start or Team?  

Team Start is the perfect fit for professional translators and small translation companies who want to benefit from the latest translation technology that syncs all data in real-time and is available for desktop, web, and mobile devices. If you are a translation company, Team would be a better choice.

Team or Ultimate?  

Team has been designed for translation companies of all sizes. It includes almost everything Memsource has to offer including workflow (translation, revision, client review, etc.) and project automation at great value. Perhaps that's why it is our most popular edition. Team does not support unlimited API, so if API integration is your goal, go Ultimate. 

Ultimate or Enterprise?  

Our Enterprise edition has been designed to respond to the often unique needs of the enterprise customer. It provides all features Memsource has to offer and is customized to the specific customer. It offers a custom subscriber agreement, SLAs, and flat-rate pricing. A dedicated account manager will make sure all expectations are met if not exceeded.

Academic Edition 

The Academic edition is a Memsource-sponsored opportunity that is provided to academic institutions with translation programs. Institutions must apply to participate in the program.

Developer Edition 

The Developer edition serves as a sandbox for programmers developing an application on top of Memsource APIs. The Developer edition is free for development and testing purposes only.