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  • Team Start

    The perfect fit for professional translators and small localization teams.


    project manager / month

    2 free linguist accounts for each project manager account

    Team Start includes
    • Translation Memory
    • Term Base
    • Automation Widget
    • Connectors to storage systems for personal use
    • 24/7 technical support
  • Team

    Ideal for teams that require advanced workflow and automation features.


    project manager / month

    10 free linguist accounts for each project manager account

    Everything in Team Start +
    • Workflow
    • Project Automation
    • Shared Projects
    • Connectors to storage systems for business use
    • Analytics & Financials
  • Ultimate

    Connect your translations with your workflows using powerful API integrations.


    project manager / month

    Minimum subscription is 5 project managers

    Everything in Team +
    • API
    • Custom Cloud URL
    • Connectors for version control systems, UI design tools, and open-source content management systems
    • Language Quality Assessment
    • Single Sign-on
  • Enterprise

    Specially designed for the unique needs of the enterprise customer.


    Customized to your needs

    All Memsource features
    • Custom subscription agreement
    • Flat-rate pricing
    • AEM, Sitecore, Marketo, Zendesk, and other premium connectors available at additional cost
    • SLA
    • Dedicated customer success manager
  • uber
  • whirlpool
  • zendesk
  • fujifilm
  • supercell
  • shopify
  • Huawei

Memsource Translate Add-on

Unlimited access to machine translation for post-editing - at a fixed cost! Discover our AI-powered features that help you unlock the full potential of machine translation

MT Autoselect • MT Glossaries • MT Quality Estimation

Learn more
Memsource Translate

Memsource Translate


Team StartTeamUltimateEnterprise
Project managementTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Project Dashboard

Project Template

Memsource Mobile

Shared Project



AutomationTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Automation Widget

Automated Project Creation

Continuous Job & Project

COTI Project Creation

CAT featuresTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Translation Memory

Term Base

Quality Assurance

Desktop Editor

Browser Editor

Mobile Editor

In-context Preview


User managementTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Linguist users

Guest users

Automated User Activation

Submitter users


Integrations and connectorsTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Online storage for personal use

Online storage for business use

Version control systems

UI design tools

Extra feeExtra fee

Open-source content management systems

Extra feeExtra fee

Enterprise content management systems

Extra fee
Memsource TranslateTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Engines added via API

MT Autoselect

Fully Managed Engines

Included in Add-onIncluded in Add-onIncluded in Add-onIncluded in Add-on

Unlimited MT for Post-editing

Included in Add-onIncluded in Add-onIncluded in Add-onIncluded in Add-on

MT Profiles

3 Profiles in Add-onIncluded in Add-onIncluded in Add-on

MT Glossaries

10 Glossaries in Add-onIncluded in Add-onIncluded in Add-on

MT Quality Estimation

Included in Add-onIncluded in Add-onIncluded in Add-onIncluded in Add-on

Customizable MT Engines

Included in Add-onIncluded in Add-onIncluded in Add-on

MT Data Cleaning

Included in Add-on
ReportingTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Analytics Dashboard


FinancialsTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Price Lists


SecurityTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Two-factor authentication

Restrict access from untrusted IP addresses

White-labelingTeam StartTeamUltimateEnterprise

Custom Logo

Custom Cloud URL

Custom Email Address

30-day trial30-day trial30-day trialRequest a demo


  • Personal


    The personal edition allows a maximum of 2 files for translation at a time. Suitable for occasional translators.

  • Academic

    The Academic edition is a Memsource-sponsored opportunity that is provided to academic institutions with translation programs. Institutions must apply to participate in the program.

  • Developer

    The Developer edition serves as a sandbox for programmers developing an application on top of Memsource APIs. The Developer edition is free for development and testing purposes only.


  • Can a Project Manager translate like a Linguist?

    Definitely! Find out more about role-specific capabilities here.

  • Will my projects and data created during the trial stay in my account after I subscribe?

    Of course. When you subscribe, you’ll continue to have access to your projects and resources.

  • Will I get charged automatically after the trial ends?

    No, you won’t. You’ll only be charged once you have purchased a subscription.

  • Are machine translation characters included in the price of the subscription?

    When you start a new subscription, you’ll have the opportunity to start a 60-day trial for the Memsource Translate Add-on. After this trial, you need to purchase the Memsource Translate Add-on in order to receive unlimited machine translation characters for your post-editing workflow.