Here you can find a list of Memsource’s newest features and latest product updates. For more detailed descriptions please refer to our documentation.
2018/07/17HTML Support in Automation Widget Welcome Message2018-07-17 15:57:20
2018/07/17Limit on Records in Memsource Reports2018-07-17 15:56:29
2018/07/17Set All Term Bases as Read Only2018-07-17 15:56:15
2018/07/17Tooltip Showing Full Names in Recent Items2018-07-17 15:55:55
2018/07/10Memsource Editors: Insert Numbered Tags From a List2018-07-10 13:02:41
2018/07/10New REST API endpoints available2018-07-10 13:01:11
2018/07/10Support for Bi-directional Texts in Memsource Web Editor2018-07-10 13:00:58
2018/07/10Search the Help Center from Memsource Cloud2018-07-10 12:59:49
2018/06/25Improved Onboarding for New Memsource Users2018-06-25 15:13:19
2018/06/20Memsource Supports COTI2018-06-20 15:04:45
2018/06/1982 New Languages and Language Locales2018-06-19 15:55:53
2018/06/19Memsource + Jukkou MT Engine2018-06-19 15:49:15
2018/06/19Use DeepL Translator with Memsource2018-06-19 15:36:00
2018/06/12Desktop Editor: Open Multiple Jobs and Accounts at Once2018-06-12 13:41:03
2018/06/12Auto-complete in the Desktop Editor2018-06-12 12:59:14
2018/06/05Improved Visualization of Project Page Sections2018-06-05 16:36:01
2018/06/05Option to Penalize 101% TM matches by 1%2018-06-05 16:01:59
2018/05/31Memsource WordPress Integration Supports Avia Page Builder (Enfold theme)2018-05-31 10:57:58
2018/05/30Memsource Mobile App Update2018-05-30 14:22:37
2018/05/25GDPR: New User Logins Emailed Automatically2018-05-25 10:52:46
2018/05/22Additional Endpoints Added to REST API Documentation2018-05-22 14:58:27
2018/05/22Memsource Release Notes2018-05-22 14:47:28
2018/05/22AI-powered NTs Feature Now Available for Personal and Academic Users2018-05-22 14:05:24
2018/05/18Memsource Translation Plugin for WordPress Supports Custom Post Types2018-05-18 12:09:27
2018/05/15New Option for Inserting Numbered Tags in Editors2018-05-15 16:22:09
2018/05/10New Plugin for TYPO32018-05-10 15:47:02
2018/05/09In-context Preview for Microsoft PowerPoint2018-05-09 13:59:48
2018/04/24Google Translate and Google Premium MT Engines Merged2018-04-24 12:44:59
2018/04/11New Connector for Microsoft Azure2018-04-11 09:00:41
2018/04/04WordPress Plugin: Choose Which Custom Fields to Translate2018-04-04 15:15:48
2018/04/01Klingon, Elvish, Parseltongue – Oh My!2018-04-01 10:00:10
2018/03/29New Microsoft SharePoint Connector2018-03-29 15:37:44
2018/03/29Non-translatable Match Information Added to CAT Pane2018-03-29 15:30:09
2018/03/29Auto-propagation of Repetitions Can Now be Disabled2018-03-29 15:08:30
2018/03/28New Bitbucket Server Connector2018-03-28 11:25:34
2018/03/13Change to 2-factor Authentication2018-03-13 13:04:11
2018/03/13Toshiba Machine Translation Engine Now Available2018-03-13 13:03:19
2018/03/13Automated Project Creation: Naming Target Folders and Notifications2018-03-13 13:02:29
2018/03/13Multilingual XML: New Option to Specify Character References2018-03-13 13:01:58
2018/03/13Extract Variables Option for InDesign Files2018-03-13 13:00:46
2018/02/27AI-powered Non-translatables Feature Enabled For Team Start and Team Editions2018-02-27 18:23:42
2018/02/27Additional Settings for Post-editing Analysis2018-02-27 17:39:50
2018/02/2721 New Languages Added2018-02-27 17:35:19
2018/02/27New Bitbucket Cloud Connector2018-02-27 17:27:33
2018/02/23Language Mapping Added to Memsource Translation Plugin for WordPress2018-02-23 15:21:49
2018/02/22Improvements to Conversations & New Search Filter for Context Information2018-02-22 18:34:57
2018/02/22Improved Support For Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Input Methods2018-02-22 18:23:22
2018/02/20New CMS Connector for Salesforce Knowledge2018-02-20 14:49:55
2018/02/01Use Project Templates to Assign Providers Faster2018-02-01 14:25:16
2018/01/31Import Comments Option Added to HTML File Import Settings2018-01-31 12:48:53
2018/01/31New Machine Translation Engine – Systran PNMT2018-01-31 12:12:14
2018/01/30Over 1 Million New Words Added to Memsource Spell-checker Dictionaries2018-01-30 13:05:22
2018/01/30Change to Microsoft Translator Hub2018-01-30 12:56:01
2018/01/29Improved Visualization of Joined Jobs in Editors2018-01-29 12:38:04
2018/01/23New Centralized Help Center Launched2018-01-23 12:54:46
2018/01/16Update: All Memsource REST APIs Now Available2018-01-16 13:23:05
2018/01/09Memsource Has Released the First Feature Powered by Artificial Intelligence2018-01-09 13:54:50
2018/01/04Change Languages of Translation Memories and Termbases2018-01-04 13:04:46
2017/12/20Increasing Security in Memsource with Single Sign-on2017-12-20 11:30:09
2017/12/18Overwrite Mode available in Memsource Editors2017-12-18 14:27:50
2017/12/18Customizable Shortcuts now available in Memsource Desktop Editor2017-12-18 14:15:12
2017/12/07New CMS Connectors for Help Scout and HubSpot2017-12-07 17:33:29
2017/11/29Memsource Production Moves to Bi-Weekly Release Cycles2017-11-29 17:43:25
2017/11/08New Functionality for WordPress and Drupal Plugins2017-11-08 10:03:25
2017/11/06New import settings for Markdown files2017-11-06 17:09:46
2017/11/06New import settings for Photoshop files2017-11-06 17:08:46
2017/10/24Introducing REST APIs – Q&A with the Memsource API Team2017-10-24 18:28:50
2017/10/17Newest Memsource Features for Marketers2017-10-17 09:51:44
2017/10/12Introducing User Profiles2017-10-12 12:06:19
2017/10/03SUPPORT FOR MARKDOWN AND PSD FILES2017-10-03 09:27:31
2017/10/03CTRL+D Now Deletes Everything from Cursor Position2017-10-03 09:25:20
2017/09/21Reject Jobs for Ultimate Edition2017-09-21 09:19:38
2017/09/20Filter for Not Empty Segments2017-09-20 09:17:00
2017/09/18More Frequency Options for Automated Project Creation – Monthly Frequency2017-09-18 14:14:22
2017/09/18New Machine Translation Connector – Fair Trade Translation2017-09-18 14:07:38
2017/09/06Prevent Linguists from Editing Source2017-09-06 09:09:45
2017/08/31Customize Homepage Dashboard for Project Managers2017-08-31 09:06:54
2017/08/30LQA in Memsource Editors2017-08-30 16:30:46
2017/08/30Increasing Communication Through Conversations2017-08-30 08:53:21
2017/08/30Gitlab, Onedrive and Zendesk Connectors2017-08-30 08:50:10
2017/08/24Project Archive2017-08-24 08:42:54
2017/08/18Conversations in Memsource Editors2017-08-18 08:27:00
2017/08/09Context Key for YAML and JSON2017-08-09 10:49:38
2017/08/02New User Interface Launched2017-08-02 16:23:34
2017/08/02Connector API and Create Job from Online repository API2017-08-02 13:38:08
2017/07/31In-ctx Preview for MS Excel and Multilingual File Formats2017-07-31 18:34:14
2017/07/28User Credentials Saved in the Memsource Editor2017-07-28 16:27:40
2017/07/28Editing Locked Segments by Linguists Restricted2017-07-28 16:27:02
2017/07/28QA Checks for Extra numbers and Incorrectly nested tags2017-07-28 16:26:05
2017/07/26Connector to Sunda MT2017-07-26 09:03:43
2017/07/21Human Science machine translation engine2017-07-21 09:34:34
2017/07/20New Project Dashboard Launches Upcoming Interface Changes2017-07-20 11:25:53
2017/07/19Analyses redesign2017-07-19 12:00:34
2017/07/13Job Owners in Projects2017-07-13 14:32:07
2017/07/12Possibility to set character limit for multilingual MS Excel from more columns2017-07-12 12:37:35
2017/06/26Git: Show files added or changed in the last commit2017-06-26 13:11:30
2017/06/26Git: Adjustable commit message2017-06-26 13:01:24
2017/06/26Wordcount information in Linguist profiles2017-06-26 12:35:46
2017/06/26Yappn machine translation engine2017-06-26 12:25:07
2017/06/18Extended File Renaming Syntax2017-06-18 19:45:39
2017/06/14Automated Project Creation: Monitoring of specific files only2017-06-14 14:58:38
2017/05/24API daily limits2017-05-24 19:20:15
2017/05/17New parameters for transMemory/exportByQuery API2017-05-17 16:00:29
2017/05/03Subscription page redesign2017-05-03 15:08:53
2017/05/03Inserting Purchase Order number manually2017-05-03 14:59:57
2017/05/02New Frequency Selection Options for Automated Project Creation2017-05-02 12:40:32
2017/05/02Vendors Can Add Term Bases to Shared Jobs2017-05-02 12:21:27
2017/04/12Select Project Templates Per Service2017-04-12 15:18:22
2017/04/10Quality Assurance check based on Regular Expression2017-04-10 10:18:14
2017/04/10Trusted IP ranges only for PMs and Admins2017-04-10 10:00:40
2017/03/31Memsource Mobile App version 1.0.32017-03-31 15:37:48
2017/03/30Analyze by Language2017-03-30 07:27:49
2017/03/30Custom Session Timeout2017-03-30 07:16:34
2017/03/27Announcing the Memsource Mobile App2017-03-27 15:14:26
2017/03/22Google Translate Premium Edition (Neural MT)2017-03-22 14:42:09
2017/03/22Automated Project Creation for Drupal2017-03-22 11:55:12
2017/03/22Box Connector2017-03-22 11:40:46
2017/03/21Reject a job and send it back2017-03-21 15:33:13
2017/03/21Purchase Order # in Automation Widgets2017-03-21 14:00:58
2017/03/16Client Portals: A new customer-focused solution2017-03-16 14:36:40
2017/03/15API to Edit Analysis2017-03-15 08:25:29
2017/02/27New Home Page Analytics Dashboards to Track Localization2017-02-27 14:03:27
2017/02/24Translating Scanned PDFs through TransPDF’s OCR Processing2017-02-24 12:25:43
2017/02/23Modification of default file import settings2017-02-23 09:21:57
2017/02/22Memsource Editor: Edited and Not Edited Filters2017-02-22 09:21:06
2017/02/22“Insert All Tags” Shortcut2017-02-22 09:19:59
2017/02/14Drupal Connector2017-02-14 16:06:51
2017/02/02Linguist can edit Translation Memory2017-02-02 01:30:29
2017/01/30Real-time in-context preview in Web Editor2017-01-30 18:23:51
2017/01/25Project Manager’s user rights for Project Templates2017-01-25 19:55:27
2017/01/25Changes in Microsoft Translator Machine Translation settings2017-01-25 19:51:20
2017/01/19Memsource Editor Localized2017-01-19 14:05:03
2017/01/19Insert Symbols2017-01-19 13:58:28
2017/01/19Partial QA2017-01-19 13:53:50
2017/01/12API for Quotes2017-01-12 17:28:07
2017/01/12Cloning of the Net Rate Scheme2017-01-12 11:10:06
2017/01/12Language locales for Inuktitut2017-01-12 11:03:48
2016/12/20Batch Import of Users2016-12-20 11:32:15
2016/12/18Table of Contents for InDesign2016-12-18 10:53:25
2016/12/07SFTP connector and improved FTP connector2016-12-07 13:16:54
2016/12/07Sign up with Google2016-12-07 12:27:59
2016/11/30Penalize Multiple 101% TM Matches by 1%2016-11-30 16:56:13
2016/11/30Owner role for project managers2016-11-30 16:53:22
2016/11/30GitHub Connector2016-11-30 16:50:46
2016/11/30In-context Preview2016-11-30 16:49:07
2016/11/30Split file based on wordcount2016-11-30 16:43:47
2016/11/30Default folders for connectors2016-11-30 09:44:58
2016/11/17Memsource Editor 6.2002016-11-17 00:24:36
2016/11/162 factor authentication2016-11-16 05:27:10
2016/11/15New webhook and updates to response structure2016-11-15 13:56:21
2016/11/15WordPress: Memsource Connector 1.2 Launched2016-11-15 12:45:55
2016/10/26Memsource Editor 5.1972016-10-26 10:10:41
2016/10/26Cloning of Price List2016-10-26 09:41:08
2016/10/18New language – Palauan2016-10-18 19:27:43
2016/10/18Error Message when MT Pre-translation Not Successful2016-10-18 11:45:43
2016/10/12New QA checker: Fuzzy TM matches with no post-editing2016-10-12 10:25:48
2016/10/11WordPress Connector2016-10-11 16:31:41
2016/10/06New API to List Terms by Concept ID2016-10-06 20:09:15
2016/10/06Project deadlines pushed automatically to linguists in projects created from Automation Widget2016-10-06 06:14:22
2016/10/04Custom Email Address2016-10-04 11:54:49
2016/09/27Storage of API Async Requests2016-09-27 15:57:39
2016/09/27New format of tags in TMX export2016-09-27 00:31:14
2016/09/26New Macro for Email Templates: {job.wordCount}2016-09-26 14:34:11
2016/09/22Support for Google Documents2016-09-22 22:11:01
2016/09/21Project Status Automation2016-09-21 15:42:01
2016/09/21Fully automated translation process between an external content repository and Memsource2016-09-21 11:53:41
2016/09/09Download CSV files with Character information2016-09-09 12:49:58
2016/09/09Creation and Last Login dates in Get User & List Users API calls2016-09-09 10:22:20
2016/09/09API to Copy Source to Target2016-09-09 10:01:36
2016/09/09Convert to Memsource Tags for RESX Files2016-09-09 10:00:15
2016/09/09Webhook for New Job in Project2016-09-09 09:56:21
2016/09/09Human Translation Engine Supported by APIs2016-09-09 09:54:38
2016/09/09Support for QuarkXPress files – TAG and XTG2016-09-09 09:39:51
2016/09/09System Availability Communication to Users2016-09-09 09:39:46
2016/02/25Need Help? Memsource Launches New Support Forum2016-02-25 09:39:02
2016/02/22Translation Job Email Templates in 14 Languages2016-02-22 14:22:47
2016/02/11hakromedia subCloud connector to Memsource2016-02-11 11:05:49
2015/05/27MS Word Filter Redesign: Memsource Cloud 4.11 Release2015-05-27 15:16:26
2015/05/21Memsource Available in Turkish2015-05-21 15:19:40
2014/10/03Job Board & Shared Jobs: Memsource Cloud 4.62014-10-03 16:54:59
2014/09/29More Context: Memsource Editor 4.1572014-09-29 13:35:40
2014/09/03Memsource Web Editor 4.44 Released2014-09-03 12:06:21
2014/03/07Shared Projects: Memsource Cloud 4.1 Released2014-03-07 15:43:20
2014/02/09New Guest User Role: Memsource Cloud 4.0 Released2014-02-09 13:53:45
2014/02/04Real-time Segment Filtering: Memsource Web Editor 3.36 Released2014-02-04 08:00:43
2014/01/28Custom Target Tags: Memsource Editor 3.148 Released2014-01-28 17:54:15
2014/01/03Memsource Cloud 3.10 Released2014-01-03 11:30:17
2013/12/01XPath for XML: Memsource Cloud 3.9 Released2013-12-01 18:51:39
2013/10/30Memsource Cloud 3.8 Released2013-10-30 12:22:11
2013/05/29Superscript and Subscript Visualized: Memsource Editor 3.106 Released2013-05-29 14:40:52
2013/05/21Improved Spellchecker, Adding New Terms, Superscript Visualized – Web Editor 3.25 Released2013-05-21 12:39:09
2013/05/20XLIFF/SDLXLIFF Improvements, Apertium MT Added: Memsource Cloud 3.3 Released2013-05-20 17:37:32
2013/04/29Completely Redesigned Spellchecker: Memsource Editor 3.972013-04-29 09:44:12
2013/03/25Open Files with 100K+ Segments: Memsource Editor 3.90 Released2013-03-25 18:06:20
2013/03/12An In-depth Look at Memsource Editor 1.832013-03-12 11:35:49
2012/07/11Memsource Cloud 2.3 Has Arrived2012-07-11 15:13:59
2012/06/13Segment Filtering As-You-Type: Memsource Editor 1.492012-06-13 00:23:04
2012/05/24Introducing the Linguist Portal in Memsource Cloud2012-05-24 09:48:53
2012/02/02Version 102 of Memsource Cloud Released2012-02-02 11:26:31
2011/12/08Integrated MT: Who Will Pay for It?2011-12-08 09:15:40