Update Log

List of Memsource’s new features, updated weekly since September 2016. For more detailed descriptions please refer to this page and to the documentation.


12 Jan 2017API for Quotes
12 Jan 2017Cloning of the Net Rate Scheme
12 Jan 2017Language locales for Inuktitut,
20 Dec 2016Batch Import of Users,
18 Dec 2016Table of Contents for InDesign
7 Dec 2016SFTP connector and improved FTP connector, , ,
7 Dec 2016Sign up with Google, ,
30 Nov 2016Penalize Multiple 101% TM Matches by 1%,
30 Nov 2016Owner role for project managers,
30 Nov 2016GitHub Connector, ,
30 Nov 2016In-context Preview, ,
30 Nov 2016Memsource Editor 6.200, ,
30 Nov 2016Split file based on wordcount
30 Nov 2016Default folders for connectors,
17 Nov 2016Memsource Editor 6.200
16 Nov 20162 factor authentication, , ,
15 Nov 2016New webhook and updates to response structure, , ,
15 Nov 2016WordPress: Memsource Connector 1.2 Launched, ,
26 Oct 2016Memsource Editor 5.197
26 Oct 2016Cloning of Price List
18 Oct 2016New language – Palauan,
18 Oct 2016Error Message when MT Pre-translation Not Successful,
12 Oct 2016New QA checker: Fuzzy TM matches with no post-editing, ,
11 Oct 2016WordPress Connector, ,
6 Oct 2016New API to List Terms by Concept ID
6 Oct 2016Project deadlines pushed automatically to linguists in projects created from Automation Widget,
4 Oct 2016Custom Email Address
27 Sep 2016Storage of API Async Requests
27 Sep 2016New format of tags in TMX export,
26 Sep 2016New Macro for Email Templates: {job.wordCount}
22 Sep 2016Support for Google Documents, ,
21 Sep 2016Project Status Automation,
21 Sep 2016Fully automated translation process between an external content repository and Memsource, ,
9 Sep 2016Download CSV files with Character information
9 Sep 2016Creation and Last Login dates in Get User & List Users API calls
9 Sep 2016API to Copy Source to Target
9 Sep 2016Convert to Memsource Tags for RESX Files
9 Sep 2016Webhook for New Job in Project
9 Sep 2016Human Translation Engine Supported by APIs
9 Sep 2016Support for QuarkXPress files – TAG and XTG,
9 Sep 2016System Availability Communication to Users, , ,