• Increase your website audience exponentially by going multilingual
  • Talk to customers in their own language
  • Translate newsletters, presentations and brochures
  • Save up to 80% of time on .html, .pttx and .idm docs

Go Multilingual with Memsource

While many people can speak English, they buy in their native language. Only 12% of consumers spend time on English-language websites if English is not their mother tongue. To sell effectively, it is vital that marketers present products and services in the languages their customers speak. This is true both for marketing collateral, such as presentations and product catalogues, and for digital content, such as newsletters, blog posts, landing pages and ebooks.

However, translating all of your marketing content into multiple languages can be a daunting task, posing huge organizational challenges and putting pressure on deadlines.


With Memsource you can solve all of these problems by automating your workflows. Translation jobs will be created and distributed automatically. Your translators will be able to translate layouts and presentations as plain text, and the system will reassemble documents in a new language.


Memsource provides an affordable and simple solution to all the challenges of going multilingual. Now you can effortlessly engage with your audience around the globe, in a language that speaks to them.