Marketo + Memsource

Marketo translation integration for faster content localization


Content localization creates a personalized experience to truly connect with your global audiences

Centralize your content localization with our integration for Marketo

Using Marketo and Memsource together enables you to easily localize your landing pages, emails, forms, and files to create a truly memorable customer experience.



  • Marketing translation Marketo

    Add Content Directly to Translation Projects

    No more downloading and uploading files. Our Marketo translation integration can seamlessly import and create jobs

  • Marketing translation Marketo

    Save Time with Automatic Translation Updates

    Keep projects moving with Automated Project Creation. Memsource will create new translation tasks automatically when a change is detected.

  • Marketing translation Marketo

    Combine Marketo Assets for Translation

    Save time and keep all campaign content organized. Group related items in one translation project.

  • Marketing translation Marketo

    Empower Anyone To Submit Content For Translation

    External contributors can easily connect through a secure portal to submit content for localization. A new job is automatically created.