Translation Memory in Memsource

Stop paying to translate your most common words and phrases by building up a translation memory.

  • Save on repetitive translations

  • 36% - 90% cost savings

  • Guarantee consistency

  • Faster turnaround times

How to Create Translation Memories


Translation memory (TM) is a database consisting of original source text and its respective translated segments. It works by automatically reusing any segments that are the same or similar on new projects. The more you translate, the more this database grows, and the higher the chance is of translation memory matches.

Translation memory is especially effective when source texts use identical or similar phrases, which is often the case with legal, financial, technical, and medical documents. It’s also useful for updating documents or making small changes, since the majority of the translated text can be reused from the translation memory.

  • For professional translators, translation memory tools like Memsource are a real game changer. On long-term projects, it means the full length of documents will not need to be translated over and over, and as your memory base grows, the amount of content that needs to be translated is continuously reduced.

  • For group translation projects, sharing translation memory also guarantees total consistency of terminology, as it ensures that all translators are translating key words and phrases uniformly.

    Prior to cloud-based translation memory software, an editor would need to post-review all documents to ensure consistency.


  • Technical documentation
  • Support portals
  • Product manuals
  • Video game localization
  • Software localization
  • Product descriptions
  • Legal and financial content
  • E-commerce content
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