Term Bases in Memsource

Ensure correct and consistent translations.

  • Control your terminology

  • Avoid incorrect word choices

  • High-quality translations

  • Guarantee consistency

How to Create Term Bases


A term base (TB), short for terminology database and often referred to as a glossary, is a bilingual or multilingual database which can be used for storing industry-specific and company-specific terminology and technical terms to be used in translation projects. Term bases are vital in translation as a single word or term in one language can have multiple accepted meanings in another language.

  • Incorrect, inconsistent, or ambiguous terminology reduces the readability of documents, leaving the texts open to misunderstanding or resulting in critical errors. Having a database of a company’s or industry’s approved preferences will ensure that projects will be technically and stylistically consistent.

  • Terminology can help to keep your translation consistent and ensure that you and/or your translators use the correct terms.

    Memsource Term Bases are concept-based, so a single term in a language can have one or more counterparts in another language. The term base module also supports multiple languages in a single term base.


  • Technical documentation
  • Support portals
  • Product manuals
  • Video game localization
  • Software localization
  • Product descriptions
  • Legal and financial content
  • E-commerce content
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