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  • Use the optimal engine for your content

  • Identify machine translation output quality with MTQE

  • Increase translator productivity and reduce costs

Memsource Translate

Machine translation is continuously improving, but it can be difficult to know which machine translation engine is best for your content. Engine testing and implementation can seem daunting.

Memsource Translate solves this by automating and streamlining the process of engine testing and choice. Memsource Translate’s AI-powered algorithm automatically selects the best-performing engine for your project, making it easier and faster to produce high-quality translations. Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE) is included for free, to help guide your post-editing process.

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According to our estimates, in over 70% of translation projects, a better machine translation engine could be used.


Memsource Translate automatically selects the optimal machine translation engine for your content, based on engine performance data. Use, track, and pay for multiple machine translation engines all in one place.

Memsource Translate comes with Amazon Translate, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator. Advanced users can customize their experience by adding their own engines.


Memsource Translate includes Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE) at no extra cost. This feature estimates the output quality of machine translation to help focus post-editing resources where they are most needed. This increases translator productivity and can significantly reduce translation costs.

Find out more about MTQE.


Memsource Translate offers significant savings to enterprise localization departments, translation companies, and translators.

  • Machine translation alone can help improve productivity. With Memsource Translate, benefit from better machine translation results.
  • MTQE means more efficient post-editing, focused on low-quality machine translation output instead of everything.


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Memsource Translate selects the optimal engine

Machine translation output is scored using MTQE

Linguists work with better output for better results


  • How much can I save with Memsource Translate?

    Our data suggests that using the engine selected by Memsource Translate, together with our Machine Translation Quality Estimation feature, could result in savings of more than 10% on post-editing costs. Our machine quality ranking has indicated that in over 70% of translation projects in Memsource, before we created Memsource Translate, a better machine translation could have been used.

  • How much does Memsource Translate cost?

    Memsource Translate costs $30 per 1 million characters (that’s around 160,000 words). As well as providing machine translation, Memsource Translate estimates machine translation quality and selects the best-performing machine translation engine. The translation cost savings that can be made from using these features together make this solution very cost-effective.

    Memsource Translate includes the Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE) feature.

    Memsource Translate character bundles can be purchased directly in Memsource. Learn more in our help center.

  • How can I test Memsource Translate?

    Memsource Translate is available in all Memsource accounts and everyone receives free characters to try it out. The number of free characters you receive depends on your edition of Memsource.

    Personal edition: 50k characters

    Team Start edition: 250k characters

    Team and Academic editions: 500k characters

    Ultimate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Starter editions: 2 million characters

    Find out more about Memsource Translate characters.

  • Which machine translation engines does Memsource Translate support?

    Memsource Translate comes with four fully managed MT engines: Amazon Translate, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and Tencent Machine Translation.

    Advanced users can also add supported generic or customizable engines, which currently include a number of generic and custom engines. The list of supported engines is expected to grow in the coming months.

  • Which language pairs are supported?

    Memsource Translate currently offers full support for the most commonly used language pairs on the platform. Hundreds of other languages are available without automatic domain recognition.

    As Memsource Translate learns and improves, full support will be extended to all possible language pairs.

  • Is Memsource Translate available as a standalone product?

    Memsource Translate is fully integrated with the Memsource platform. To take advantage of Memsource Translate you need an existing subscription for Memsource and Memsource Translate characters.