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Focus on what matters. Let our AI do the rest.

Memsource is dedicated to bringing the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to your translation workflows. Memsource’s patented AI-powered features help linguists and project managers quickly make sense of the data for more efficient translations.

  • Reduce translation costs

  • Minimize post-editing

  • Leverage quality MT

  • Adopt innovation


Choosing the best performing engine for your content normally requires slow and expensive engine testing. Memsource Translate fully automates the process of engine evaluation and management by using an AI algorithm, which always selects the optimal engine for your domain and language pair based on past performance data.

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Memsource Translate


Machine translation is a valuable tool for cost-effective and fast translation, but the quality of translation output can vary. Our Machine Translation Quality Estimation feature automatically assigns quality score for machine translation output in real-time based on past performance. This helps in identifying content that does not need human translation or post-editing, significantly reducing translation costs.

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Our Automatic Linguist Selection feature helps choose the best qualified translator for any given project, ensuring faster and better translations. Whenever a project manager creates a new translation task, Memsource will generate a list of suggested linguists that have experience working with similar documents. In approximately 70% of cases the project managers will choose a linguist from the list recommended by the AI.

Automatic Linguist Selection


Our estimates show that approximately 14% of all segments do not require translation. Memsource’s patented non-translatables feature not only recognizes traditional non-translatables, such as numbers, email addresses, and ZIP codes, but also additional content such as names of people and products. By automatically scoring each segment, linguists can focus their post-editing effort where it’s needed.

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A Faster Localization Cycle
“Now, thanks to automation, we can easily translate product descriptions on our ecommerce website, and our localization cycle is 30% faster.”
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  • Technical documentation
  • Support portals
  • Product manuals
  • Video game localization
  • Software localization
  • Product descriptions
  • Legal and financial content
  • E-commerce content
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