Memsource Cloud

Memsource Cloud is a complete translation platform that includes translation memory, integrated machine and human translation, terminology management, and a web-based as well as a desktop translator’s editor. Memsource has been designed for translation buyers, translation agencies and translators.


  • Supports over 50 file types.
  • Is fully API-enabled with CMS connectors
  • Workflow automation with real-time management
  • Includes project management, translation memory, and terminology management.
  • Offers integrated machine as well as human translation engines.
  • Includes a free translator’s workbench.

Translation Management

  • Automate tedious project management tasks.
  • Assign translation jobs to your vendors or post them to the Memsource job board.
  • Maintain full control over the translation process in real-time.

Translation Memory

  • All of your previous translations are stored securely and confidentially.
  • Translation memory can be searched and updated in real-time by all authorized stakeholders in the translation process.
  • Re-using past translations increases consistency and cuts down on costs.

Term Base

  • Centralized terminology management.
  • Web-based, searchable and with real-time updates.
  • Fully integrated into the translation workflow.

Quality Assurance

  • Includes QA checks for inconsistencies in numbers, missing terminology, and spelling errors.
  • Warnings for work submitted with unresolved errors.
  • Integrated with ApSIC Xbench.


  • Public APIs are available for most Memsource features.
  • Integrate Memsource with our CMS connectors or a third party app of your choice.
  • Sign up for the free Developer account today.

Memsource Web Editor

Memsource Web Editor is our completely web-based translator’s workbench that is launched directly from within Memsource Cloud. It has been built with the latest web technologies, and offers advanced features and comfort when editing your work. It offers all the features you would expect from a CAT tool. The Web Editor offers almost identical features to the desktop Memsource Editor, with a few exceptions: No installation is required, and the MXLIFF file for translation does not need to be downloaded. However, offline translation is not supported in the Web Editor.

Memsource Editor

Memsource Editor is a powerful, fast, and easy-to-use translator’s workbench. It connects seamlessly to translation memories and term bases in Memsource Cloud, but also supports offline translating. It offers all the features you would expect from a CAT tool and is available as a free download. Memsource Editor combines the responsiveness of a desktop application with the benefits of being connected in real-time to all of the translation resources available in Memsource Cloud. This free CAT tool is multi-platform and can be installed on the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.