Memsource + localization education

  • XTRF Summit #university

    • 24 February 2021

    • online

    If you want a real insight into how the world of translation and localization works, then this is the event for you. From networking with industry experts to real-time platform simulations, there’ll be heaps of content to keep you hooked. Memsource's Kryštof Večerek will give a presentation to show how Memsource makes both translators' and project managers' lives a little easier.

  • Machine Translation Workshop Series

    • throughout 2021

    • online

    In November 2020, we launched a series of MT Workshops. At the kick-off event we brainstormed with over 500 participants the most pressing aspects of MT implementation on localization workflows. Upcoming workshops will prompt discussion, exchange of ideas, and provide resources for addressing these topics.

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