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Memsource Mobile: a Year in Review

Memsource Mobile

Our Memsource Mobile app was the first mobile application to bring both computer-assisted translation (CAT) and translation management system (TMS) functionality to your Android and iOS devices.

Memsource Mobile: Latest Updates

Memsource Mobile App Updates Mobile Translation

The Memsource Mobile app has ushered in a new age of mobile translation and project management. In 2019, we launched the first-ever comprehensive mobile CAT tool enabling both Project Managers and Lin...

MT Match Memory Re-enabled

The machine translation match memory, or cache, had to be disabled for a few weeks as it was not GDPR compliant. We have now resolved this issue and can re-enable the cache. You may have noticed that...

New Webhook for Due Date Changes

A new webhook event, Due date changed, has been added. Until now, only three webhook events were supported in Memsource: Job created, Job assigned and Job status changed. The new event, Due date chan...

New Connector for Kentico

We have added another connector to our range of integrations – a connector for Kentico. With this connector you can link your Kentico account to your Memsource account and push page content for trans...