What Is Quality Assurance and Why Is It Important?

What is Quality Assurance Translation Localization

Translation errors, however small, can have a big impact. They can affect relationships with clients and ultimately damage your brand. This is why it’s important to integrate a review process into your translation workflow.

To catch as many errors as possible, this review step should be carried out both by a linguist and an automated quality assurance tool. Quality assurance tools are a core component of most computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools or translation management systems (TMSs). The checks performed range from identifying more obvious errors, such as multiple spaces and spelling errors, to those which are harder to spot, such as missing terminology, inconsistent translations, or fuzzy matches confirmed without any post-editing.

Quality Assurance Checks

Memsource offers a wide range of quality assurance checks. A complete list is available in our help center. Up until now, it was only possible to run these checks for the whole job. This could result in a long list of warnings for time-strapped linguists to deal with before being able to set a job to ‘Complete’.

To address this, we have just introduced a new QA feature, Instant QA, which allows you to run QA checks after every segment. As well as reducing the number of QA warnings at the end of a job, this feature improves the quality of segments saved into the TM, and makes collaboration between linguists better. What’s more, you don’t even have to click anywhere to run Instant QA. The QA check happens automatically as you confirm each segment.

Quality Assurance Tips

Even if when using Instant QA, a full QA check may still have to be done when the translation is complete, if this option is selected by the Project Manager (PM). Also, Instant QA does not include all of the checks included in this main QA check.

Linguists can decide if they want to use Instant QA for their job or not, unless the PMs enforce the use of the Instant QA, which is recommended when multiple linguists are working on a single project.

Instant QA in the Memsource Editor

Don’t let any errors slip through the net. Try out Instant QA as part of your 30-day free Memsource trial.

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