Memsource as CAT software

Combining powerful technology with an intuitive interface

The Memsource Editor is designed around the needs of translators: it is intuitive, powerful, and accessible across multiple platforms. Over 200,000 users all over the world trust our easy-to-use computer-assisted translation tool to deliver high quality translations, quickly and efficiently.

Memsource is more than just a CAT tool for translation. It is also a translation management system that helps teams of all sizes easily coordinate their work and integrate their solutions.

  • Supports 500+ Languages

  • Built for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Supports 50+ File Formats

  • Collaborate in Real-time

How to translate in the Memsource Editor


Translators can always work on their preferred device, using one of the three fully-featured editors:

  • Memsource Editor for Web which is available on any supported browser.
  • Memsource Editor for Desktop which supports offline work.
  • Memsource Editor for Mobile which is accessible on iOS and Android devices.

All devices are synced with the cloud, ensuring that you can always pick up and continue your work on another device.

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Specific clients can have preferences for how certain terms should be translated. It’s easy to keep your translations consistent with Memsource’s integrated terminology management feature.

Terminology databases, or term bases for short, keep track of which terms are preferred and which ones should be avoided at all costs. Real-time checks will help ensure that translators are consistent even when working on large projects.

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Term Base


As you translate, Memsource automatically stores your previous translations in your translation memory. Where possible, it suggests them to keep you from translating the same work twice.

With translation memories, you can not only save time and effort but also keep your work consistent using previously approved translations.

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Translation Memory

Trusted by Translators

Memsource is a very solid and well-defined CAT tool, and by far the best cloud-based solution I have worked with so far. As a very easy to learn, yet efficient solution, I would recommend it over traditional CAT tools for translators and for projects where an intuitive user interface is key to productivity.
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Anthony Teixeira

Professional Translator English and Japanese to French


  • What is a CAT tool?

    CAT stands for computer-assisted translation. A CAT tool is software that is specially designed to make it easier to translate using many useful features, such as translation memory (TM), terminology databases, spelling and grammar checkers, and project management software.

  • Why should I use a CAT tool?

    Without a CAT tool, a translator can usually complete about 6 pages, or 1500 words of translation a day. Using a tool like Memsource can easily boost productivity to double or even triple this amount, while at the same time achieving higher quality and greater consistency.

  • Is it easy to move to Memsource from another CAT tool?

    Absolutely. Most translators familiar with other CAT tools take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to master Memsource’s intuitive interface. Memsource also supports over 50 different file formats, making it easy to migrate your existing projects.

  • Can I try Memsource for free?

    Yes you can! We offer a one month free trial that lets you explore all features available on our platform. You can watch a demonstration of what makes Memsource the perfect tool for linguists here.

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