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Using Memsource for Teaching Translation at Minsk State Linguistic University

CAT tools have become very popular in the translation profession both for practice and teaching, causing an enormous change in the market. That is why Olga Zheleznyakova decided to implement Memsource into her courses at Minsk State Linguistic University in 2017. We asked Ms Zheleznyakova to tell us about her experience with the Memsource Academic Edition. This essay is her response.

Memsource changing the game

We at Minsk State Linguistic University, School for Intercultural Communication, believe the role of computer-aided translation in education of future translators should not be underestimated. For these purposes, we prefer using Memsource.

We teach how to use the translation platform Memsource within the discipline “Modern translation techniques” and the tool allowed us to completely transform and improve the classes.

Our students must master numerous skills at the end of the course, such as the use of translation memories, term bases, and quality assurance.

The most important thing, however, is that with the help of Memsource, our students not only learn how the program works but also get a wonderful opportunity to become more motivated and responsible for their projects because the simulation of the work process is close to their future work.

“Better quality, in turn, means a good reputation of the translator or the translation team in the industry.”

As far as the translator process is concerned, the great advantage of Memsource is in the area of translation quality and working in a team. Students are very enthusiastic to see that the translation quality is likely to improve, mostly in terms of consistency, not only in the document they are working in but in other documents as well. This option helps the translators to maintain consistency by always using the same equivalent for the same term or string within the whole text, thus making the translation more efficient and accurate. Better quality, in turn, means a good reputation of the translator or the translation team in the industry. Thus the client is more likely to consider the translator for future projects.

Terminology consistency is key

One of the useful features of Memsource, then, is that it enhances terminological consistency. Students just need to analyze the term once and the system then propagates it further in the document, as well as in any following projects. This saves a significant amount of time.

The same can be said about non-translatables, like data, names, etc., which are very likely to cause difficulties and mistakes. Memsource will check the translation for the users and will not allow downloading the completed translation in case the translator has made a mistake in rendering the non-translatables.

“Memsource allows our students to become highly qualified specialists in the labor market.”

What is more, we realize that the program makes the students more competent and prepared for the industry. They realize that using Memsource can help increase their productivity and thus potentially increase their income.

Our students say they have started using Memsource for other classes because it saves them a lot of time and is so easy to use.

Thus, the translation platform Memsource allows our students to optimize their translation productivity and become highly qualified specialists in the labor market. We are really excited to continue teaching translation with the help of Memsource.

Join us!

Would you like to provide your students with the latest technology and boost their employability? You are welcome to join our partner program and get free access to Memsource for your courses.

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