67 Upcoming Conferences for Localization Pros


Planning your conference schedule for the second half of 2016? Check out our list of events and trade shows for localization professionals. 

With five months of 2016 still to go, there are no less than 67 great events coming up in 22 countries. Memsource analysed each one in detail, and selected 14 to attend that we felt were the most exciting and relevant to the translation and localization industry. Read on to find out where you can find us, or enter your email to get the full comprehensive list.


17th - 21st August, Cologne, Germany

Gamescom is the biggest gaming event in the world, attracting a crowd of more than 340,000 people over a four day period. Here you can see and sample the very latest hardware and software developments in the gaming world, as industry leaders come to showcase their most impressive new innovations. With a pricetag of just €71.50, it is the most affordable event on this list. Memsource will be represented by Josef Kubovsky, Marek Jakubek, Ondřej Urbanek, Dalibor Frivaldsky and James Austin.

Technical Communication Symposium

24th - 25th August, Tokyo, Japan

The JTCA is held every year to showcase the latest technologies and products from the world of interactive communication. Experts from around the world come together to discuss industry-wide challenges to implementing these technologies, which include the internet, video technologies, and automated translation, and how they can contribute to the development of Japan’s every growing content industry. Join us in Tokyo to see our presentations on Cloud Translation Technology, and Making Your Translation Environment Effective by Sharing Technology. You can also schedule an appointment with us, or visit our booth to learn how you can automate translation processes and increase your productivity with Memsource.

Content Marketing World 6th - 9th September, Cleveland, Ohio (US)

This enormous event is the ideal place to come and network with the biggest, the brightest and the best-known names in the content marketing industry. With an expected 4000+ attendees, along with more than 550 companies (including Memsource of course), this year’s speakers will include none other than Luke Skywalker himself (aka Mark Hamill). Entrance to the main conference will cost you a cool $1295, however various stand-alone event tickets are available for considerably less. Memsource will not have a booth at this event, however we will be present.

Content Marketing World

Women In Localization

7th September, Palo Alto, California (US)

Founded back in 2008, Women in Localization was set up to promote professional development, networking, and continuous education among its members. It is the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry. The conference this year will have a key focus on the latest tools and technologies available for freelancers. Memsource’s very own Javier Diaz will be giving a detailed presentation on Memsource and what it can offer. He will also be available to meet with businesses in the area.

TAUS Annual Conference

24th - 25th October, Portland, Oregon (US)

The TAUS mission is _‘to enable better translation through innovation and automation’, _and the TAUS Annual Conference is the place for freelancers, translation companies and techies to come together, network, and ‘get the pulse’ of the translation industry. Issues you can expect to learn about will include technology, data, how to measure quality, machine translation and general innovation. Memsource will be participating in a joint presentation with their business partner Moravia. Not to be missed.

TAUS QE Summit

26th October, Portland, Oregon (US)

This one-day event is specifically aimed at CEOs and directors at LSPs and translation buyer companies, and will take place the day after the main TAUS conference finishes in the same location. The objectives are to raise awareness of industry dynamics, lay out strategies, and form new partnerships. It will be a highly interactive event with a number of Q&A sessions, and panelists will include none other than Memsource CEO David Canek, who will be presenting The Magician’s Hat: Translation Data and Business Intelligence.

LocWorld 32

26th - 28th October, Montreal, Canada

Since its first conference back in 2003, LocWorld has attracted more than 14,000 attendees from every corner of the globe, and has made a name for itself as one of the leading conferences for international business, translation, localization and global website management. With an entrance fee of $1,200, this conference is ideal for people new to localization, as well as companies looking to venture into new foreign markets. Experienced professionals can expect to get the latest insider info on new technologies and products, as well as some excellent networking opportunities. Memsource will have a booth (no. 17) present at the event.

Locworld Montreal

Translating Europe Forum

27th - 28th October, Brussels, Belgium

This is an event for everyone from university students and freelancers, to LSPs and translation product providers. It is organised by the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission, and covers subjects ranging from skills, employability and professionalisation, to tools, innovation and technology. This year’s event will have a special focus on translation tools and technologies, and Memsource’s very own Jakub Janickovic will be delivering a hands-on session on October 27th in the Tech Lab area of the forum.

Game Connection Europe

26th - 28th October, Paris, France

Game Connection began back in 2001, and has since grown into one of the most prestigious and influential global events for game developers, service providers and publishers. Very much business oriented, this is where key players from the games industry come to network and make deals. With more than 2,700 attendees, expect to find senior decision makers from more than 45 countries on the hunt for new clients and business opportunities.

ATA 57th Annual Conference

2nd - 5th November, San Francisco, California (US)

This is an event specifically for translators and interpreters. The ATA (American Translators Association) was originally set up with the aim of advancing the translation and interpreting professions and helping  freelancers with their professional development. ATA57 is a place where more than 1,800 dedicated professionals will come together, network, share ideas, and learn the newest tricks and trends in the industry. A Memsource booth will be present (booth no. 37), manned by Javier Diaz. Make sure you stop by.


TCworld 2016

8th - 10th November, Stuttgart, Germany

Most attendees at TCworld 2016 will be employees at industrial, software and service enterprises. This is the world’s largest event and market-place for technical communication; attendance is a must for any company in these fields. Memsource will be making their presence felt with three presentations, including a joint session with Plunet, entitled ‘Seamless Translation Management with Plunet & Memsource’. _There will also be _‘An Introduction to Memsource’, _‘What Can Translation Big Data Tell Us About the Industry?’ _and a booth in hall C2.

LT Accelerate

21st - 22nd November, Brussels, Belgium

LT-Accelerate is a conference for businesses, researchers and public administrators. Featuring speakers ranging from business visionaries and technology innovators to industry analysts and leading solution providers, it is intended to help enterprises and individuals save money through the use of language technology.


24th - 25th November, Malmo, Sweden

The Nordic Translation Industry Forum is a three-day business conference with a focus on LSPs. This year’s speakers will include best-selling author and Guardian journalist Michael Booth, and attendees can also expect two inspirational keynotes, superb networking opportunities and plenty of info on the latest industry advances.

JTF Conference

29th November, Tokyo, Japan

Come and visit Memsource in Japan at this one-day event in Tokyo. We will be present with an exhibitor booth (no.25), and we will be delivering a presentation starting at 4pm. This is a must-go for Japanese translators, LSPs and enterprises interested in how they can get the most out of their translation budget.

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