Tech-Savvy InterTranslations Chooses Memsource


Since 1995 Intertranslations has been serving major international clients, mainly in five verticals: pharmaceutical, gaming, software localization, manufacturing and consumer electronics.

With headquarters in Greece and offices in the United Kingdom, Intertranslations offers translation services in all European and Asian languages. In addition to the in-house staff of people, the company works with a global network of industry professionals using the InLance® production platform.

In the last few years, Intertranslations has developed a technological edge to stay ahead of the competition.

The company has developed its own Language Quality Inspection (LQI) tool, that identifies suspicious segments in a translation memory during production and sends them to the LQI specialists for further evaluation. Another significant investment has been a customized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system fully integrated with Memsourse API.

A Lean Quality Assurance Process

Leveraging the specific features of Memsource Cloud, Intertranslations has acquired a major gaming company as new client.

To guarantee consistency in all elements of a game, terminology databases and translation memories need to be updated in real-time. The collaborative features for terminology and translation memory management offered by Memsource have helped Intertranslation to win - and retain - an important customer active in the gaming industry.

We'rehiring (12) Michael Xynos, CEO at InterTranslations: “Our client can access the terminology management features in Memsource Cloud to make changes to the translation memories and the terminology databases, thus consolidating terminology and making sure mistakes are never repeated.

Other Points Scored

Flexibility and contained costs are two other points that Memsource scored with Intertranslations.

Michael Xynos explains: “We like Memsource’s flexibility as can we integrate it with our own ERP system. We’re also trying to minimize the cost of the translation by integrating and streamlining technology: Memsource is a simple tool to use, and  provides value for money.

According to Mr. Xynos, Memsource also scores in terms of stability, user-friendliness and a short learning curve for the translators.