Quality Translations: Finding Success By Becoming The Whole Package

“Machines can translate the words, but the human is needed to translate the meaning, to add the context, and to breathe life into the words,” says Andreea Olteanu, a freelance translator based in Lucca, Italy who translates Italian to English.

Andreea specializes in many industries, some of which include Information Technology, business/finance, arts/architecture, travel tourism, classical music, journalism, and marketing. She is consistently recognized by her clients and colleagues for not only delivering quality translations, but also providing flexibility, organization, and great communication skills.

Our First-Ever Zero-Downtime Deployment of a Major Release

Zero Downtime Deployment 1

Upgrading software to a new version can bring lots of improvements, but at the same time can cause disruption to its users. In the pre-cloud era, a system administrator would need to install the upgrade. The software would need to be at least restarted. Sometimes data would need to be migrated, hardware re-configured. All sorts of issues could come up. For that reason, software publishers would try to minimize the number of new releases to just a few per year. This is still true for most non-cloud software.