Memsource Releasing First Feature Powered by Artificial Intelligence

We are excited to announce the release of the first feature powered by newly developed artificial intelligence technology. The AI-powered Non-translatables feature, which can recognize and automatically confirm non-translatable segments and content in over 200 language pairs, will be available as an option in the Enterprise and Ultimate editions on January 16, 2018, and in all paid editions in the following weeks.

New Home Page Analytics Dashboards to Track Localization

A new set of dashboards featuring localization analytics for jobs, costs, savings, and more is now available on the home page in Memsource Cloud.

The new home page analytics dashboards are available for users of Team, Ultimate, Biz Start, Biz Team, and Unlimited editions. They allow users to have an overview of their jobs and processes and to receive in-depth analysis of over 400 localization statistics as they log into their Cloud account.