LQA in Memsource Editors

The first stage of the Language Quality Assurance (LQA) feature has been introduced in both Memsource Editors as part of Conversations. The feature allows evaluating the quality of translation through error categories (such as accuracy, fluency, and terminology, etc.) and severity (neutral, minor, major, and critical). Admins of the account can configure Error categories and subcategories…

Conversations in Memsource Editors

The comments feature has been transformed into conversations in both Memsource Editors, allowing a better interaction within the translation process. In conversation threads, the comments can be replied to by the persons involved in the translation, edited, resolved, etc., as well as filtered in editors according to who created or modified comments. Further, as compared…

Quality Translations: Finding Success By Becoming The Whole Package

“Machines can translate the words, but the human is needed to translate the meaning, to add the context, and to breathe life into the words,” says Andreea Olteanu, a freelance translator based in Lucca, Italy who translates Italian to English.

Andreea specializes in many industries, some of which include Information Technology, business/finance, arts/architecture, travel tourism, classical music, journalism, and marketing. She is consistently recognized by her clients and colleagues for not only delivering quality translations, but also providing flexibility, organization, and great communication skills.