Analysis: Machine Translation Usage in Memsource Cloud

Memsource was a proud sponsor of the annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) on May 28-31, 2017 in Prague. Thanks to the mix of participants from both academia and translation industry, the conference sparked several interesting discussions, including the use of machine translation (MT) in professional translation.

As a sponsor and participant, Memsource presented a poster at the event which analyzed the use of MT in Memsource Cloud. Here’s what we found.

Translation: Always Learning, Always Communicating

“The beautiful thing about translation is that you learn something new everyday,” says Dénis Wettmann, a freelance translator, consultant, and project manager we recently interviewed.
Dénis started his career as a translator in 2007 and currently works with his spouse in mainland Europe. He specializes in psychology and psychopharmacology, but is also skilled in non-scientific translations such as lT and general marketing. He has an organized and mindful approach to his work that helps him deliver consistent and well-structured content to his clients.

Introducing In-Context Preview

The desktop Memsource Editor and online Web Editor are now available with a real-time in-context preview for Microsoft Word, HTML, and XML file types, including DITA files. The in-context preview allows translators to preview the translation in its native format with real-time changes while translating. This eliminates the need to download the original or translated document separately and provides an instant context for the segments currently being translated.