Case Study: Creating Consistency and Maintaining Quality at GameHouse

Terminology consistency is essential in localization, especially in video game localization. Translations must be clear and concise, fit within specific spaces in the game (like text bubbles), and provide consistent and accurate instructions for players – inconsistency can easily confuse users or result in inaccurate instructions. Game localization is now faster than ever and is…

GameHouse Manages Game Localization Workflow Using Memsource

Tommy Nordkvist is GameHouse‘s senior localization officer, and he shared why the company chose Memsource for their localization needs. Memsource’s translation management platform helps keep data centralized and can easily provide access to any localization professional around the world. Translation memory with Memsource helps reuse previously translated words to save time and money.

Day One at Gamescom 2016

Localization projects are bigger than ever before, users are becoming increasingly demanding, and  new technology is leading to ever new terminology challenges. We spent the day on location in Cologne at the opening of Gamescom 2016, and picked the brains of a number of industry insiders specializing in localization.

Meeting and Greeting in 2016 – Part 1

Now that the holiday break is finally over, we can resume our normal programming schedule. We would like to start by announcing some of the events of 2016 where you can meet and greet our team. Our colleagues will be happy to listen and talk about your technological needs and issues. Of course, we also…