Meeting and Greeting in 2016 – Part 1

Now that the holiday break is finally over, we can resume our normal programming schedule.

We would like to start by announcing some of the events of 2016 where you can meet and greet our team. Our colleagues will be happy to listen and talk about your technological needs and issues.

Of course, we also welcome non-Memsource users to come and take a peek at what’s under the bonnet of our platform and future features.

3D Drawing and Other Activities at Locworld

During break time at Locworld Berlin you can do something fascinating, which you’ve probably never tried before: 3D drawing.

Our marketing team is bringing a stereoscopic pen which allows you to draw with hot plastic. It is possible to quickly create shapes in the air, or put simple designs on cloth.  Perhaps one day in the future all writing (not typing!) will be done this way. So when you have a free minute, be sure to stop by the Memsource booth and try your hand in 3D drawing, spelling your name out in roller-coaster letters, decorating and personalizing your conference badge and more.

3 Key Takeaways from Swedish Translators’ Association Conference (SFÖ) 2015

On 8-10 May a team from Memsource attended the annual conference of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (Sveriges Facköversättarförening, SFÖ). This well-organized event took place in the beautiful town of Eskilstuna, in celebration of SFÖ’s 25th anniversary. It attracted about 300 translation professionals, including freelancers, staff translators, and company representatives. The atmosphere was warm but dynamic.  Attendees were eager to learn and embrace new technology.

Memsource User Meetup in Seville

Memsource will hold its first User Meetup in Seville, just before the annual GALA conference.

The meetup is an open event for translation companies currently running or interested in Memsource. Join us to network with MLVs and SLVs, and see how you can improve your business with Memsource. Our team will be represented by David Canek, the CEO, and Josef Kubovsky, the Sales Director.