Sign up with Google

Signing up for Memsource account has never been easier. Visit our website for an overview of all editions Memsource offers and choose one. If you have a Google account, all you need to do to sign-up is click on the green “Start a 30-day trial” button. You will be redirected to our sign-up page where you will simply click on…

GitHub Connector

Users can now sync Memsource accounts with yet another online repository – GitHub. The integration allows for manual file import only due to API limits enforced by GitHub. After a file is translated, it can be uploaded back to the online folder with a modified name. GitHub connector, together with Google Drive and DropBox connectors,…

WordPress: Memsource Connector 1.2 Launched

A new version of Memsource Connector for WordPress has been launched. In version 1.2, you can decide which content will be translated and whether Memsource should look for draft articles or published ones. The plugin also lets you choose whether posts that are uploaded back to your WordPress site after translation should be saved drafts or automatically published.

WordPress Connector

With the new plugin for WordPress and the Connector feature, content managers can import blog posts and pages into Memsource for translation. The content can be imported either manually via Add from Online Repository function, or automatically thanks to our Automated Project Creation feature.