David’s Desk: Machine Translation Post-editing Revisited

It’s been almost six years since we launched Post-editing Analysis, a somewhat revolutionary feature back in 2011 when it was first introduced. Post-editing Analysis measures the post-editing effort based on an edit distance (the machine translation output vs. the final post-edited translation) and introduces the concept of “machine translation matches” that work very much like “translation memory matches”.

David’s Desk: Memsource In 2016 And My New Year’s Resolution

Early in January as I was leaving my office to go home – as usual, a bit later than I would like – I saw a notification come up in my Google Calendar suggesting that I set a New Year’s resolution. It seems to be a new feature in Google’s calendar application, as it did not bother me with New Year’s resolutions in the past years. I kept the notification on my phone for a couple of days but couldn’t think of a good resolution, so I eventually dismissed it.