Arancho Doc Gains New Business With Translation Preview

Arancho Doc is a leading translation and localization company headquartered in Italy with a network of strategic offices located across Europe. They specialize in technical and marketing translations and have been using Memsource since 2017.

Sales Director Inge Boonen spoke with us at the 2017 GALA Conference in Amsterdam about how the In-Context Preview feature has helped speed up translation times, streamline the review process, improve quality, and even gain new translation business.

Translation: Always Learning, Always Communicating


“The beautiful thing about translation is that you learn something new everyday,” says Dénis Wettmann, a freelance translator, consultant, and project manager we recently interviewed.

Dénis started his career as a translator in 2007 and currently works with his spouse in mainland Europe. He specializes in psychology and psychopharmacology, but is also skilled in non-scientific translations such as lT and general marketing. He has an organized and mindful approach to his work that helps him deliver consistent and well-structured content to his clients.

5 Tricks from APriori – a Memsource Pro

1935499_140989042960_7699270_nThis is a guest post by Yulia Tulinova, the CEO of APriori.

APriori has been with Memsource for 5 years. Josef Kubovsky introduced me to the platform in 2011 at Translation Forum Russia conference. It proved a real find! A cloud-based service had long been expected. Who would deny the value of a platform which allows several linguists to work together on the same document while sharing the same language resources? At the time, the only option was a server-based TM tool, which cost a fortune. So, that first meeting opened a whole new stage for us and we integrated into the company’s workflow a week later. The trial period coincided with a rush job where we had to translate over 1000 pages of facility agreements and other documents for a bank undergoing an audit, and it was to be done in two weeks. My partners and I took a risk and ran this project through Memsource. The result surpassed all of our expectations, enabling us to do a very good job on time. The support team was very efficient, too. Since then, Memsource has been our principal TM tool, and we’ve been following its growth and innovations with great interest.

GameHouse Manages Game Localization Workflow Using Memsource

Gamehouse Capture_500

Tommy Nordkvist is GameHouse‘s senior localization officer, and he shared why the company chose Memsource for their localization needs. Memsource’s translation management platform helps keep data centralized and can easily provide access to any localization professional around the world. Translation memory with Memsource helps reuse previously translated words to save time and money.

Top Eleven Football Manager Localization

Nordeus is a Serbian game developer behind Top Eleven, a football management game which has more than 140 million registered users and 10 million active monthly players. It’s one of the most popular sports games in the world, and it is primarily played on mobile devices. Jasmin Jelača, localization engineer, is responsible for continuous localization of Top Eleven into 30 languages. We spoke with Jasmin to learn how he manages the stream of hundreds of small translation jobs.